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Corporate Treasury

Jen Pearson is fiercely passionate about all things treasury. Working with intelligent, forward-thinking start-up leaders is her ideal customer profile. She helps them free up their time to focus on strategy and product development. They can relax knowing she has their backs with all things cash and banking.
Her company, TreasuryEdge offers a range of services built on her intense devotion to sharing knowledge and building community.

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Summary of the Podcast

What is a Corporate Treasurer?

  • Jen explains that a corporate treasurer is responsible for managing the financial risk of a business.
  • The treasurer focuses on handling cash forecasting, debt, and foreign exchange.
  • In a way, they act as an in-house bank.
  • But she’s not a bank. She just tales on the tasks that would otherwise be outsourced to banks.

Challenges of Working with Banks

  • Graham and Jen discuss the difficulties of working with banks.
  • Banks can overcomplicate processes and make it hard for businesses to understand the full costs.
  • Jen emphasises the importance of having trusted banking partners though.
  • But above all, she forges relationships with people who can explain things clearly.

Jen’s Background

  • Jen told us how she decided to leave her corporate job and start Treasury Edge.
  • Her focus is to provide treasury services to startups and scale-ups.
  • She discusses the challenges of going out on her own.
  • One thing that is clear to her now, is she has had to develop new skills beyond just treasury expertise.

Advice for Early Stage Companies

  • Graham and Jen discuss the critical importance of effective cash management, especially for early-stage companies.
  • Jen sets up sustainable treasury processes to mitigate risks like bank failures or payment disruptions.

Clips from the Podcast

What is a Corporate Treasurer?


It’s Who You Know


An Example of Treasury with FX Hedging


Talking About Start-Up and Scale Ups


Treasurers of Tomorrow


Why Focus on Young Companies?



Testimonial from Jen Pearson


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