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High Ticket Sales Campaigns

Mike King helps clients identify gaps in their client acquisition strategy especially with High Ticket Sales Campaigns. He helps them fix it and then scale it. Plus, he’s got lots to share about being a better husband. On top of that, this Michigan high performer is also on the leadership team for the MeclabsAI development that Graham is a bit part player in!

Mike King, High Ticket Sales Campaigns, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Mike King

  • Graham introduces Mike King, who like Graham is part of the MeclabsAI Guild.
  • Mike is from Michigan.
  • His expertise is in high ticket sales campaigns.
  • He generates leads for Cardone University, one of Grant Cardone’s businesses.

Mike’s high ticket sales campaign approach

  • Mike explains his approach to optimising high ticket sales campaign funnels.
  • He runs ads, manages copywriting and creative, and works closely with the sales team to understand objections and improve the overall process.
  • These campaigns have increased conversions for Cardone University.
  • He offers a free “90-day onboarding playbook” that gives prospects a taste of the training before they commit to the full offering.

Mike’s personal story

  • Mike shared stories about his challenging upbringing.
  • This included an absent and troubled father.
  • These challenges appear to have blessed Mike with deep empathy and the ability to connect with people.
  • Naturally, this works in his favour when marketing.
  • He shares how getting involved in men’s groups and retreats has helped him heal and inspired him to mentor other men.


Clips from the Podcast

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