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100 days to a healthier life? Aidan Lee, from FitRoots tells us how. Listen in as he talks to us about holistic health and fitness. 

Aidan trained in martial arts since he was four years old. His father opened one of the first Kick-boxing training clubs in the area. He is now in his twenties and has been teaching since he was TEN years old.

Aidan studied philosophy to understand the body and mind. FitRoots, based at Slough in Berkshire, was developed to offer services concentrating on the body and the mind. His goal with strength training is to ensure you are both strong and supple.

If you have kicked your New Year’s Resolution into the long grass, you are in the majority. Aidan stresses the importance of habit changing. FitRoots knows that habitual change is the way people make lasting change, whether that is drinking more water or losing weight.

The right knowledge is important too. Aidan offers a tailored approach to his clients.

His holistic approach focuses upon the mind as well as the body. This is quite distinct from the majority view in his industry, which seems focused on the body. Much of this focus derives from the body building industry of the seventies and eighties. The focus is on reverse engineering or attempting to reverse engineer the body. All show and no go.

Aidan stresses we need to have a better overall quality of life. This is part of his modus operandi with clients, seeing their mental, state of mind, stress and physical strength are balanced, not just body shaping.

How do you do it? Habit change. Start with one or two small changes per week. Over half a year you’ll have made 50 or more changes. Although it is hard. The experience of the change is necessary as is celebrating wins. The mind-set needs to be right to make these changes. Their WHY needs to be in place.

100 days to a healthier life?

The Next 100 Days is all about getting the right mind-set to make their changes. Whether this is health and fitness or changes within their business. The shorter time-frame makes the task more achievable and enjoyable.

Aidan also tells of the importance of tapping into his client’s pains. That’s what he means by the why.

He is certainly not a personal trainer. Get someone in, count their reps, shout at them and move them on. His approach is all about habit change, planned change, almost life coaching. His study of philosophy helps his understand why people are here, what are they working towards, all comes in handy.

His clients are accountable to him. He is like a personal one-on-one mastermind. His schedule keeps people on track as a coach. Within the 100 days, they are kept honest with their plans.

Aidan stresses if you don’t have your personal health and wellbeing, you will not perform well in your business, your personal life will not be balanced. He helps his audience of high net worth individuals, hard-driven professionals, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

Do you find that by the end of the day you have nothing left?

So, for 100 days to a healthier life, where do you start?

Start with understanding what is your biggest problem.

From this problem, he works out how he’ll solve that.
He considers what is the easiest thing to get rid of.

Are you tired all the time? Let’s say you get up early each day and by 2-3pm in the afternoon you are low on energy. Here’s SIX areas you can fix.

  1. Are you breathing properly?

    Aidan suggests using a special breathing exercise. This gives you more energy, brings their immunity levels up and oxygenates the body.Aidan creates an intervention that lasts for a few minutes that enlivens the rest of the day. So, it is very much worth the investment of time and effort. Aidan’s special bonus for The Next 100 Days Podcast listener is his FREE VIDEO, where you can learn how a special breathing technique. The Wim Hof Method. It’s a form of meditation.


  1. How much are you drinking?Most people are severely dehydrated but don’t realise it. Many people average around the 1 litre per day which is definitely not sufficient. Aidan recommends 3 litre or more if you are starting an exercise programme. Herbal teas are good, but beware ordinary tea and coffee are diuretic.
  2. How many hours sleep per night are you getting?Not just the length but the quality of sleep.
  3. Are you eating enough green vegetables?Creating regular visits to the loo for a “number 2”. Most people are severely lacking in fibre and therefore their digestive health needs attention. It should be a pretty quick process from when you eat to when you visit the loo.Aidan is a vegan, but recommends our nutrition is predominantly PLANT based.
  4. Are you moving enough?Go for a walk! Modern day entrepreneurs don’t move enough. Run, jump, dance, hang, etc Whatever, just move more. If you are not moving, you are closer to dying; and if you are moving you are closer to life.
  5. Hang yourself!

    Posture, breathing, grip sense. All these are addressed by hanging from an anchor point. The bar is positioned at the top of a door frame. You wrap your hands around itThe animal which resembles us most is the monkey. Their shoulder structures are far stronger than ours pound for pound.

Yoga is also used by Aidan with his clients to deploy Yoga movements to address particular problems.

So, can you manage 100 days to a healthier life?

Aidan’s top tips for the average business person:

  • Move more.
  • Breathe more.

Find out more about Aidan Lee:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: FitRoots

Aidan is also part of The Next 100 Days Podcast Facebook Group. Sign up and ask him a question!

Watch out for our videos of the Wim Hof Method!