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Copy That Captivates with Destiny Hagest

Destiny’s strap-line is Copy That Captivates. Good choice. We found her to be exactly that, captivating.

Content That Captivates, Content Marketing, Destiny Hagest, The Next 100 Days Podcast


Here is Destiny’s home page:

Copy that Captivates, Destiny Hagest, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Copywriting

Destiny’s mom, when pregnant with Destiny, always thought that her daughter was going to get to places. She named her child Destiny. A bit corny? No, it is endearing and a great story. It seems Destiny is living the ambition her mother had for her.

Destiny. No pressure!

Destiny started early

Not only did we record the episode when it had barely gone 6am where Destiny was (Washington State), but her career in copywriting also started early too.

Copy that captivates may not have been her strap line at school, but Destiny learned early that she had a major passion for copy.

She has never been much for maths, but writing she can do. She has a good read on people. Writing copy has always come very easily to Destiny.

Copy That Captivates – how to get people to move.

Destiny believes firmly that copy is not just an email or blog. They are words that string together elicit a response. An action. So that might be you pick up the phone, buy something, click through to a website, to subscribe, to follow – to do something.

That response is very specific.

Your success is based on whether they do what you are asking them to do. This is direct response marketing.

Use Psychology to Persuade

If you ask someone outright to do something, they are not very likely to say yes.

Destiny thinks she is a better copywriter because she has raised kids. Copy must help people to be more likely to take action.

Conversion Copywriting

Destiny works in conversion copywriting.

Advertising, brochures, packaging. Mainly email marketing.

Destiny refers to both sides of the brain – left (numbers, analysis) and right side (creative). For most people it is difficult to use both at the same time. Successful copy that captivates comes from getting enthusiastic about the data available on the product and write ingenious copy. Then you are gold!

What sets Destiny apart is being able to watch the data and she loves to write.

About Page

Destiny says 90% of Millennials will actively choose companies to purchase from who are making the world a better place. Is that angle in YOUR About Page?


Add your defining brand morals, your personality and make it fun to read.

Destiny Hagest, Copy That Captivates

Story telling – you either do or don’t do it.

Mention your charitable work?

It must be more about what the company is doing and less about what the founders are doing. That said, there is a lot of YOU in your company. When you think about the things that make you an ethical company, even if it is how you source your materials, charitable donations, it is about showing you are about more than the profits.

Product Descriptions

Start with the basics. What does your product do, which problems does it solve.

Destiny recommends keyword research for copy. Not much point in having copy on your site and then not getting found by people searching for you.

You don’t have to keyword stuff. Have words on the page. Not enough copy on a page. Thats a huge SEO killer.

Length of content – long form content is coming back. This attracts more traffic, as there are more keywords. It must be catchy from the get-go. 600 words is good to go.

How to Write a Blog Post

Answer the questions you are asked. Answer a specific question. SEO and branding power. The more content it compounds lead generation.

Write to interests of your audience.

Email Marketing

People still read emails. How does Destiny make people fall in love with her clients? She has to love them first. Authentic. Funny. A little different. Its amazing how far being nice will go.

Sometimes, Destiny can take a bossy approach… sometimes!

Dean Jackson’s 9 word email: ¬†

Is there a frequency thing Destiny holds to? Depends on industry. She follows up. Investors, distributors. Follow up.

Destiny uses Boomerang Gmail Extensions

The biggest kicker is the ratio of sales emails to value driven emails. That ratio 30-50%. Based on 2 to 3 emails a week.

Cold Pitches

Destiny uses email exclusively.

The best thing is to have a mindset is that there is a problem and I can help them with that problem. Answer their problems.

Subject line. Personalisation heavily overused. First Name or Company Name.

Succinct. Emojis in the subject line. They are doing really well in the subject line. It appears more personable.

Whitney Cole

We were introduced to Destiny by Whitney Cole. See Episode 135

Having Kids and Copywriting

She has a toddler who argues and makes a case for what he wants. Destiny has a psychological battle to get him to behave 40% of the time!

Have a look at Destiny’s site and that tremendous logo.

Copy Advice

  • Know your audience.
  • Very specific consumer
  • Go through the buying process with them
  • Business owners know their stuff entirely too well to understand. You want people who are entirely new to the buying process.
  • Test the products yourself.
  • Ask people who dont know you to get an understanding of your products and gather feedback.
  • You want reactions to be authentic.
  • Destiny uses a Google Form
  • Send products and then ask them their questions.
  • You want to understand how they search for your products
  • Take a balanced approach
  • Anyone can learn copy.
  • Do research, Test. Pay attention to your audience.

Destiny gets 60 to 70% response rate and a 90% open rate for her own business marketing.

How to get in touch with Destiny

Linkedin: DestinyHagest