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Trello with Rich Daley

Organise and prioritise projects with Trello

Rich Daley met Graham Arrowsmith over a year back at Skillshare, a networking group inspired by former guest Karol Thornton.

This podcast was challenging in one sense. Because Rich is gender non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. You probably already use the singular they regularly in conversation when you’re talking about “someone” or “anyone”, e.g. “someone’s left their milk in my fridge and now it’s gone off”! That’s the reason many (most?) non-binary people use this pronoun – because it’s familiar even if people don’t recognise it as familiar at first!

Now, you will spot a couple of unforced errors, but on the whole we were especially keen to make Rich feel welcomed. As it happens, they were and we were delighted to have them on the podcast.

Rich Daley, Trello, Software Development, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Trello – here’s how to get it (click the picture)


Rich has nothing to do with Trello. They weren’t being paid for talking with so much passion and knowledge about Trello either.

“It allows you to create a virtual board covered in post-it notes.”

They consider it a really lightweight tool for project management.

It’s all about Kanban

Kanban – we use to do lists. Then tick off the item on the list. But, each thing to to could have multiple states. Such as, to do, in progress, blocked, future idea. Kanban is about organising the vertical lists you have for To do, Doing, Done, Future, Blocked.

Trello makes all this possible for you. When you change a status of the item (or card), you just drag the card from one vertical list to another. Like DONE.

Instantly, when you look at your board you can see the real place you are at at any one moment.

Visual Element

Rich is a visual person. Other systems like Jura, they don’t have that visual element. Trello can assign to people and their faces can appear on the cards, our use of colours.

It’s about moving things between statuses.

Is it all about dates? Probably not. Rich told us about agile technology. Why do you have that deadline and what’s its purpose? Is the order of things to get done clear? But you can do this in Trello. Close to the date and the box changes to yellow and passed the date, red. You can get a plugin to throw up all these dates into a calendar.

Rich has NEVER paid for Trello and uses it extensively throughout their business. Of course, you can trade up and pay the good people at Trello.

GDPM – Goal Derived Project Management

Kevin loathes Gannt Charts. So GDPM has helped him swerve them for years. Kanban is designed so that it can fit into any overacting system to manage your projects overall.

Creative work is stifled by Gannt charts. You are required to think TOO FAR AHEAD. Instead, plan 2 weeks, then let customers help you decide what to do next. In a collaborative way.

OKR – objectives and key results – you think about what change is going to happen in your customers world. The goal is someone’s world has improved, not just launching a new product.

Software Development

Rich has used Trello extensively. It obviously works.

Fish Percolator

The name references a scene in Twin Peaks. Here’s the scene…

The scene didn’t matter to the Twin Peaks story, but actually it does, as it sets the scene for bizarre happenings to come. Rich is all about having fun together with their clients. “Being a little bit weird and out of the ordinary”.

Rich is a massive Kate Bush fan. She’s the musical equivalent of Twin Peaks. There is always a Kate Bush song that fits any situation.

Rich Works from Duke Studios

It is a curated, community of small businesses. A former belt factory. It has 100 people, 60 businesses. They support each other in creative output.

Find out more about this co-working space in Leeds.


The Future

Rich told us WEALTH = MONEY x TIME

Progressive web application – it’s where Rich is focusing.


PWA looks like a mobile app. To an end user, once it is installed, it looks and feels the same. It enables you to swerve Apple’s 30% of everything on Apple’s AppStore. The big costs saving is that you develop once and it works on all platforms. Especially good for start ups to validate your apps.

Contact Rich


Web: – just click the image below.

Rich Daley, Fish Percolator, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Trello