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Independent Network with Marianne Overton MBE

Independent Network helps Independent Councillors in the same way as a Political Party would.

Marianne Overton is the leader of Independent Network. She joins us on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

So, where did that MBE come from? Services to the community. Marianne modestly and humbly credits lots of her colleagues around her.  Not everyone gets recognised. But, let’s pause for a minute, because Marianne has a wonderful record of helping the good people of Lincolnshire.

  • Served on the board of the Health Authority – managed the health budget of £1.1bn
  • A director of University of Lincoln – this was a new university, and closely linked to local industry.
  • Vice Chair of Local Govt Association – making sure councillors do the best job possible for their residents.
  • She lobbies Government (and currently the EU) to get changes.

Marianne Overton MBE, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Independent Network, Sponsorship, Small Business

Who do you turn to as an Independent? The Independent Network

Marianne is very pragmatic. She is about building a consensus.

Is There a Perfect Storm for the Independent Network?

Currently (Feb 2019) UK MPs are behaving like entitled zealots. Ignoring the will of the people. The people that bothered to vote, so if you disagree, then I don’t give a fig for those who couldn’t be bothered to vote, even though they had the right to do so. No counting them. They made themselves subject to the winning vote. Leave. But the groundswell of opinion is that MPs are not pursuing the interests and wishes of their local residents. They are pompously looking down on them. Using Project Fear to try and post-rationalise the mandate given to the Government. Which was, to get us out of the European Union.

There has NEVER been a better time for Independent representation. Free thinkers, capable of combining to deliver the will of the people. Well, maybe.

Independents are thinking about what is important for their area. It is about – my community needs … (health, business etc). You are concentrating on what is best in a local area.

Grassroots up

IN recruit people who come to them, rather than finding people for gaps. It means they get people with passion and who are willing to work for local needs. People who are prepared to work together to resolve local issues satisfactorily.

Marianne raises the question of why UK Prime Minister Theresa May chose not to solicit consensus at the beginning of the Brexit process. It’s like a war. At the Local Government Association, that’s what they did. It is perfectly sensible to focus on best outcomes for residents and put them first, not the Party whip.

Just like being a great marketer!

It occurs that Marianne, in the role of Councillor, acts very much like a great marketer. Really understanding the needs of her residents and fighting to provide the services and outcomes they need.


She gets REALLY first hand accounts that demonstrate how national policies effect local people.

The Government continues to take income tax, but is giving less back locally. It results in pressured budgets and outcomes are in social care, pot holes and other essentials.



Marianne Overton MBE, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Independent Network, Sponsorship, Small Business

20,830 Councillors – The Independent Network has 2,000 of these.

It is important for Marianne that we level the playing field. She is keen that ordinary people are allowed to stand, not just very wealthy plutocrats, who can bankroll their campaigns to do so. A diverse set of voices will help us all understand what is actually being felt by residents.

IN are looking for sponsorship. Can you help?

Why is it important?


No-one should be stopped from standing as an Independent simply because they cannot afford to buy leaflets.

Money is also required to help with public meetings, refreshments etc. That helps Councillors to get people together to talk about school issues or road issues. Or something that is local and important to their local areas. It creates a cohesive force for local people.

How will the IN help Independents?

  • Help them to win the election
  • Listening
  • Getting the changes in their communities
  • Improving life


They are short of funds. With proper funding, they could take off. The established political parties are in disarray. It is a perfect time for a better future locally and nationally.

Independence means independent of party control.

Independent Network serves us all by existing. If you are passionate about representation, then get in touch with Marianne Overton MBE.



If you wish to support the Independent Network: Call Marianne on 07920235364