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Fractional Sales Executives

Mike Malloy believes the future of work is fractional, like the fractional sales executives he provides to a particular niche in the US. That niche is B2B SaaS tech companies. On this episode of The Next 100 Days Podcast, we discover a truly amazing individual, whose talents extend way beyond his subject specialism. Listen and watch to discover more about Mike Malloy.

Mike spoke to us from Rye, New Hampshire where he was visiting family, but he normally resides in Lewis, Delaware (perilously close to where their President spends the majority of his time).

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Summary of the Podcast

An Introduction

  • Mike introduced fractional sales executives as experienced professionals who work part-time for multiple companies.
  • These sales people provide temporary expertise to help businesses scale their sales processes.
  • Mike’s company matches experienced sales executives with growing B2B SaaS companies.
  • He does this through an assessment of their sales systems and needs.

His Fractional Sales Executives

  • His Executives commit 5-10 hours weekly for 3-6 months on a flexible budget.
  • Mike has vetted over 249 executives with diverse backgrounds to suit various company needs.
  • Candidates undergo screening for skills, experience and cultural fit before recommendations to clients.

Measuring Success is Like

  • Executives provide training, processes and introductions while CEOs oversee growth.
  • Success is tracked through qualified leads, appointments, wins and time from first contact to payment.
  • Velocities through the funnel indicate where bottlenecks may exist.

The Future is Fractional Sales Executives

  • Fractional work was presented as the future, allowing experts to work flexibly across industries while entrepreneurs access affordable expertise.
  • International opportunities also exist to expand client bases.
  • Fractional sales executives were deemed a cost-effective means for companies to access experienced help and expand more quickly than funding full-time staff.
  • Opportunities also exist to introduce this model across borders.

Clips from the Podcast

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Who Makes a Good Fractional Sales Executive?


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Mike Malloy Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast


Mike Provided Some Special Resources for N100D Listeners!
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