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Young Enterprise with Colour County from Giggleswick School

Young Enterprise team entrant Colour County scooped top prize in the Craven and Harrogate Company of the Year Award. Graham Arrowsmith was one of the 3 judges. On the podcast we had Colour County team members Theophile Chenel, Michael Robinson and  Sacha Pauzner. Theo and Sacha both hail from France (Nice and Paris respectively) and Michael is from Skipton.

The team are in Year 12, which is the Lower Sixth.

Colour County, Giggleswick School, Young Enterprise, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Colour County, The Next 100 Days

Colour County, Young Enterprise, Graham Arrowsmith Judging

Colouring Books from Colour County, Young enterprise, Giggleswick School

Young Enterprise sets schools against each other. Teams from local schools compete locally, with the winners and runners-up competing regionally, nationally and even internationally! It is some opportunity for them.

Colour County won through the first round, where Graham Arrowsmith with two others judged their entry the best of the day.

What are Colour County Selling?

They created a colouring book. The drawings inside depict well known places in Yorkshire. Colour County offers them an opportunity to market a local variant for Lancashire and other counties throughout the country.

The pictures were drawn by students and teachers at Giggleswick School. Their first book is Colour Yorkshire, as the school is sited in North Yorkshire.

Their Market

Colouring in is not just for young children, but they also recognised other age groups like the soothing qualities of relaxing by colouring pictures. Theo mentioned middle aged, by which he probably means people in their thirties! And old people (Kevin).

Sacha is the Financial Director of Colour County

He explained that the team has made a big profit of £300 on £700 sales. The Average price was £5.

What other roles are there?

They share the roles – like sales director. Finance have two roles – banking and sales.

Are there prima donnas amongst them? Yes. They have done well, so they have overcome these issues. They have stayed true to their agenda.

Have there been serious arguments? Only at the start really. Then there was a split vision. They examined alternatives.

Where can people buy one of the colouring books?

Local stores and they have a deal with Welcome to Yorkshire too. They had a school contact.

There are 32 pages in the colouring book. Priced at £5, it is made of recycled paper.

How did they pick the things to draw. They did research. But, importantly the team ensured they had the rights to the drawings.

E.g. the five rise locks – additionally they added ‘fun facts’ about each location.

They added Whitby. Known for Count Dracula living in Whitby Abbey.

Planting a Tree for Every Book

County Colour were thinking about planting a tree for every book sold. That’s probably not possible, but a tree planted for every 20 books sold might be. This commitment has the benefit of helping environmentally, but supporting the rationale for purchase too. The buyer not only gets a colouring book, but assists in a tree being planted. It seems the best way to do this is to make it a retail/shop offer. Buy 30 books at £3.50 and we’ll plant a tree in your name.

How did the Team do in the next round of Young Enterprise

The team’s teacher Kyle Holland will keep us informed of the team’s progress in the Young Enterprise competition?

Microsoft Teams and Snapchat

These services were used to connect the team members for sharing documents. And they cannot miss out on using Snapchat.

This website was mentioned. here is the interview about the Jigsaw Festival. Click “YouTube” for the interview on You Tube: 

What Did they Get Out of the Young Enterprise Experience?

All Managed By Kyle Holland

He wanted to provide a real life application, but in the classroom. The applications stretched across lots of abilities – artists, drama students for presentations, marketers.

12 students sell the shares, incorporate the company, choose and implement their roles. It is a company, and it mirrors the real registration. All companies have to pay a tax to the organisers Young Enterprise.

When they exhibited at the Harrogate Fair, they won best product. Many of the team had not won anything before.

The team now have real experience that can reflect well on them when it comes to finding a role or starting their own business.

Win or lose in the next round, the students who took part in the County Colour team have already won.

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