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Ghostwriting with Amy Blaschka

If you aren’t energised by Amy Blaschka, you may have taken up residence in a cemetery. She discusses ghostwriting on The Next 100 Days podcast and does so in such a vibrant, full-on way.

Sit back and enjoy!!

Ghostwriting, Amy Blaschka, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What is a Ghostwriter?

Amy focuses on social media ghostwriting. Sometimes for executives who are good verbally, not so much written. Others don’t have the bandwidth to do social media posts.

You can ghostwrite just about anything. Speeches, for instance. We all have limited time. So what is most important?

A Good Storyteller

At heart, communicating is really about connecting with others. You won’t connect, if you are hitting them over their heads with a sales message. Right?

People block those types of commercial communications out of their lives.

The best way to communicate is with EMOTION. One of the easiest ways to evoke emotion is to share a story. Stories make us more relatable. Everybody loves a story.

What endears you to people is sharing stories that DIDN’T GO TO PLAN. It’s only a failure if you fail to learn. Show you are imperfect, what insight can you share.

People feel that empathy. From the aha moment you impart. That’s about making a human connection.

And stories tend to follow a predictable path. Hero, Overcoming an obstacle. Tug at the heart-strings.

Your Job Title Isn’t YOU!

Want a story idea? Don’t let your job title or job role get in the way.

How does Amy go about ghostwriting?

Amy’s best skill is listening. She relies on their spoken voice. To them getting quieter or louder. Or they get excited, she’ll use these different voice cadences to inform her writing.

Amy is the person who you sit next to on the aeroplane and listens to your story. She “geeks out” on that stuff.


So, Amy chats to her clients once a week. This generates ideas for the posts she’ll do on the client’s behalf. From a 30-45 minutes meeting, Amy takes notes to identify a central idea.

Post should have ONE IDEA, Amy Blaschka, The Next 100 Days Podcast

That can be really challenging to folks, because they have so much to say. But, just keep the post to ONE THING.

Clarity in your messaging, helps other people get you.

Serve Don’t Sell

First, provide value. Appeal to their emotion. Solve a problem. Make them think. This is what works best.

Establish trust and provide value. Are you showing what you stand for?

Amy Blaschka’s Book is called I AM

Amy write a book with Bruce Kasonoff (an influencer on LinkedIn).

I Am Book, Amy Blaschka, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Buy the book on Amazon:

I Am, Amy Blaschka, The Next 100 Days Podcast

It’s a series of passages that Bruce and Amy took turns writing. The idea is write something that when someone reads it is uplifting to the reader. The book, every other page, starts I Am. The opposite page is blank and gives you a chance to write it down. To unlock your own creativity. The book helps people getting out of their fug.

The book is not sequential. Flip it open, and start thinking from there.

Amy is Always On

She sees connections in everything. An expressive person. Her husband and her work out each morning. She tries to walk the dog, Rigby, to the park. It helps her reset.

All that people contact, helps her get the technology out of her day.

Her favourite movie is The Usual Suspects…

She likes the reveals at the end, plus for the clever story, and surprised.

Graham says Amy is the Friday at 5pm Girl. A warm up girl for the world.

Tip Length of Post

Article – 500-700 words

Updates – 200 words

Publish once a week at least. Be concise and easily digestible.

Contact Amy

LinkedIn: Amy Blaschka

Amy’s client’s come from all round the world and across America. The type of writing is in the client’s tone of voice. It is not industry specific. It is more universal by nature. Her clients tend to be CEOs and founders. They just don’t have time, beyond giving her 30 minutes a week.

Click this image of her website:

Amy Blaschka, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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