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Learn about wellness with Bianca Ruehlig

You could write what we know about wellness on the back of a postage stamp. Californian girl, Bianca, is here to help us learn about all things that can help us heal, prevent ageing (ideal for us!). Most importantly, she will discuss how we can learn about ourselves and our minds.

Wellness, Bianca Ruehlig, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Wellness and anti-ageing

Bianca describes a really helpful mindset. Remain young by avoiding focus on beating age. She calls this ‘youthing’.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘you are what you think’. In reality, you are not the one thinking; instead, you are observing and receiving the thoughts from others. That is, you are not the thoughts themselves but you are a body of emotions and energies. Therefore, when you think of ageing, your body responds and reflects that through your emotions and energies. You respond to the thought of ageing by ageing.

Bianca discusses the actual process of ageing as this:

The cells of the body do not ‘get old’ as we perceive it. The process from grape to raisin, if you will, occurs through toxins that deteriorate the cells. This is all dependant on your environment and the food you eat, for example. Nutrition and water is so important to a healthy body and a body that remains youthful.

This isn’t a new idea. The trend of detoxing is already in our culture. However, Bianca likes to call this renewal, because you can renew your cells by eliminating what makes them toxic. Essentially, it is small physical changes, as well as mental and emotional changes that will bring back someone’s youth.

You can’t look like you’re 20 when you’re 90, or can you?

Well Bianca certainly thinks you can! It really is about what you eat and how you feed your body. You can make instant changes that you can notice; maybe your skin is tighter, or your hair feels revived. Maybe you have more hair or maintain a vibrant hair colour.

If you believe in yourselves enough, and are committed to cleaning your environment and cleaning your vessel, then you can extend your youth.

Bianca is 41 and has a 22 year-old and a 12 year-old son but we must say she looks so young! It is because she practices what she preaches; she remains young because she knows it in her mind. She doesn’t have a strict diet or nutrition but she has a meditation practice, a prayer practice and a mind-setting practice.

The power of the mind…

Wellness and anti-ageing is about bending your own reality – your own perception of what you can achieve.

For example, Bianca was born with poor vision. But, she came across an article and applied it to her life; it’s called sun-gazing, allowing the sun’s healing rays to warm your eyelids. Bianca has a YouTube video on how to do this safely if you would like to know more. Now, she doesn’t need glasses and lives her life through her eyes only. Maybe that’s a challenge to all glasses-wearers out there?!

She goes on to say that, through sun-gazing, you can feel one as you experience the sun’s warm and healing energy, whilst your feet are grounded on the earth. Inside our cells are atoms – this is just energy. Bianca suggests, therefore, that there is nothing there except from what we perceive in our mind’s eye.

This is called the Third Eye; the centre point of our reality and what we think we can see and hear in our existence.

Bianca Ruehlig, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Achieve positive change with a wellness approach

There are many techniques that uses nature and the body to create change within the self. Practicing mind-setting techniques is a great discipline to have.

Essentially, Bianca’s practice of wellness is from 5 years of experimenting and creating a journal of experimentation that improved her wellness and can be used within the next 100 days to heal someone else.

The next 100 days…

Okay, so we’re at the start of the next 100 days to wellness. What are the first things to do?

  • Make a statement. Write on a whiteboard, whatever your goal is. Every time you look at it, you are reiterating that goal. You are creating a habit to retrain your new cells with a new, increasingly positive code.

This is interesting because it bears resemblance to other common, business techniques. What are the goals? Set the vision board up.

This recalls John Lamerton’s appearance in the podcast, and his quote:

“I am a tiger!”

…and not being able to think himself into a tiger.

However, this isn’t what Bianca’s suggesting here. What she is saying is the cells that prevent Graham from taking his glasses off to see, can be influenced by his mindset and improved. If you believe it, within 100 days he could see without his glasses. Again, this is if he believed it!

It all comes down to what you eat, drink and surround yourself with – what type of books are you reading? What are you watching? What are you listening to?

This is something Bianca has a suggestion for:


This leads us to Bianca’s second suggestion.

  • Take note of your environment. Here, Bianca discusses music. As classical calms down, heavy beats and rock music can often gear you up. Graham points out that loud music correlates with fast driving in cars. The beats within music can make you feel stressed or anxious; when you listen to slower music, such as reggae, you are calmer and more easy-going. What you listen to and read makes you want to be part of the environment that media portrays. Be aware of that.

Bianca further emphasises the need to listen to frequencies because they can help tap into our emotions and root them within our bodies. The frequencies correlate with colour – she suggests imagining your spine as a rainbow (called the chakra system). Red, at the bottom of the spine, vibrates at the same frequency of security, safety and needing to be rooted.

In contrast, green’s frequency is about the heart – love and compassion and forgiveness. Purple is about intuition, insight and the collection of memory. Orange insights sexuality, motivation and activity. Essentially, if you were a frequency of black every day, you would feel it. Different vibrations do effect you. Therefore, listening to external frequencies can help you balance your mood and improve wellness.

Wellness and gut-instinct

Your gut is a place to move. Your gut instincts are bettered when you are healthy because your gut will not hold onto emotions stored there. It will move things on and help your body stay in tune with all its parts and the environment around it.

Wellness and business: how do you help people?

Everyone is on their own journey. There is a 1% who are seeking answers, and 99% who don’t want to know or are not interested. Bianca may be working with and inviting a small 1% of the population to experience her expertise on wellness but that 1% feels pretty big when you have 45,000 followers on Facebook!

Bianca’s Facebook group is called ‘The Third Eye’ and it is a space where they can discuss the third eye and post videos that normalise wellness so it doesn’t seem so beyond engagement.

Manifesting business

Before Bianca’s shift in lifestyle, she worked in corporate as a software engineer and database administrator. But in the last four years she started having panic attacks and got into meditation. What she realised that, as a programmer – where you come up with an idea that never existed, you write it down and have a programme that is usable – you can start programming yourself. She eliminated her panic overnight. She eliminated body pains overnight. And from this, she started her wellness business in which she helps others to improve.

What about the sceptics? What is your call to action for them?


Wellness is all about process. Bianca has a background in what some may call ‘real work’. She understands corporate process and how to work through process for achieving goals.

Through this, she has created a four-step process:

  1. Focussed though – what is it that you want to do or be?
  2. Fuel it by feeling – your emotion is what makes that thought real. Make vision boards of yourself in the state that you want to be in.
  3. Project it by will – know that you can do it.
  4. Affirmation – use words to affirm. By writing and talking, you create something that is real – it has been created and so can be recreated.

You can’t guarantee everything; but you can guarantee that you can do what you believe. To the sceptics, this is a matter of sitting down and really thinking about what you believe your potential is. There are many things that can stop us believing in ourselves and these thoughts are toxic. They need eliminating. This extends to toxic conversations, toxic people, toxic environments.

Believe in yourself…

It’s a familiar cliche isn’t it? But Bianca has really shown the power of believing in yourself and having confidence in your body and emotions and energies.

Change and health and happiness has to start from you.


If you’re interested in more of what Bianca has to say, click here for her YouTube videos. Keep an eye for the publication of her book, ‘Third Eye Trials’.

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