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Graham and Kevin talk about how to use Twitter to generate new business and also interview Martin Soroka from There’a a free download of the “Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s When Using Twitter to Promote Your Business” available from please follow the link and grab your copy of the guide.

Martin Soroka, is founder of He joined us on this week’s podcast to explain how he is creating ‘real world leads’ for businesses on Twitter. Martin’s business helps clients raise their profile, get more connections and helps turn those connections into leads and ‘real world’ business.

His approach covers:

  • Targeting and following relevant accounts
    • based on their geography
    • based on their profile
    • based on what they are saying
  • Posting regular tweets and retweeting and engaging
  • Being prolific – by following between 100 – 250 accounts every day of the week
  • Managing the unfollows – i.e. dropping those accounts who don’t follow back
  • Posting 4-6 tweets per day

The reason for being so ‘prolific’ is so your account does not get lost. So you get spotted.

Twitter statistics suggest that only 1% of your followers will actually notice your tweets.

Martin can help his clients raise the number of impressions (tweets seen) from low thousands to over 100,000 in a month by doing things properly.

Martin has noticed that people in the virtual world (Twitter, etc.) ‘hide in the shadows’ and are reluctant to take a step towards doing business. His frustration led him to model what he was doing on Twitter personally, but for his clients:

  • Look at the followers who were most relevant to his business
  • Do some digging around, looking at their website to find an email address and a telephone number
  • And then start to engage with people in the real world using the telephone.

Then introduce yourself along the lines of:

“We’ve noticed you have followed our Twitter account recently, hopefully you have some interest in what we are doing, can we help you or answer any of your questions right now?”

The reaction can vary:

  • You have broken through, by starting to talk to people.
  • Occasionally, you do get interest

It is not a cold call, according to Martin, because you have already formed a tentative relationship in the virtual world, it is not a big leap to be of value in the real world.

Martin advises:

Out of 100 accounts followed in a day, about 15% follow back. The 85% who do not follow back are self-selecting themselves as either interested or not.

Kevin targets ACTIVE Twitter users. His following is 50,000 and his average impression per tweet is 600 or so, so 1% is typical.

The process Martin uses is:

  • When he engages with a new client he researches (Tip: this is where you start for your business)
    • Their website
    • Their marketing materials
    • Any videos
    • Call scripts
  • He would aim to get 40-60 messages
  • He would identify a strategy to acquire followers:
    • Geography
    • What people are tweeting about
    • Who are they following
    • Their bio
  • The client approves the strategy and relevant package
  • Number of followers grown by roughly 300-600 in a month
  • Keywords
  • Tweet Forensics – analyses followers, looks at the account website, often gets company house number, telephone number – typically 40-60 companies per week.
    • These are not leads, but suspects.
    • The business owner chooses to engage by email or telephone.
    • Martin uses the system to promote his own business
    • He adds all the data into a CRM
    • He then uses telesales to contact the suspects.

Martin sees Twitter akin to PR. Twitter is good for raising your profile, getting the brand and name known. With lead generation through Tweet Forensics.

To follow up Martin Soroka, you can find more:


DON’T FORGET – There’s a a free download of the “Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s When Using Twitter to Promote Your Business” available from please follow the link and grab your copy of the guide.