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Narrative and Networks with Engel Jones

This week we have something of a podcast expert on The Next 100 Days, talking to us about narrative and networks. Our guest is Engel Jones. He’s a superstar at talking to people from around the world.

The Next 100 Days has celebrated it’s 200th episode and it’s 4th year. But, Engel has actually released 2700 episodes across just under 4 years. What an amazing achievement.

Engel Jones on the next 100 days podcast, narrative and networks with Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin appleby

After the podcast, Engel was actually going to interview Kevin for his most recent 12-minute podcast episode. Graham has actually been a guest twice now. But what was the meaning and drive behind 12 minute conversations?

Behind the scenes of narratives and networks through podcasts

Engel wanted to get to know people better and ask questions that were relevant to the people he was speaking to. He was interested in narratives and networking came about because of that.

Long story short, Engel went after a narratives and network skillset through conversations.

That idea of connecting to people links to Engel’s business Amazel Enterprise. Engel has created a marketing strategy where he brought himself into the centre. This means you look at the pillars of spirituality, family, career, physical, political and financial. Then you dive into the wheel of business – you look at CEOs, management, marketing, finance, etc. 12 Minute Convos was supposed to be the funnel that gave some leads and coaching. But, it became the funnel for everything. It has been very popular.

12 Minute Convos

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The vision for 12 minute convos is to share narrative and create networks. The mission is to build bridges through meaningful conversation over the next 3 years. Engel wants to have another 9000 conversations this year.

Ultimately, Engel wants to immortalise the voice of humanity. You get onto the podcast platform and it is taken for granted. However, it is part and parcel of immortalising the voice of someone at a particular time in their lives.

Engel ties his conversations to ‘Your Own Unique Real Self’.


Engel didn’t want to write a book. He created a work book that asked the questions that would hopefully inspire others in how they can start their own brand.

What’s the process your clients go through to get the outcomes you hope for them?

That’s a great question. The intuition approach that says ‘you need to do this for x’ only works up to a point. Engel finds that when an individual sees it for themselves, there’s a different drive that occurs. If you know yourself and your unique, real goals then consultancy becomes a lot clearer and better to plan.

Curious questions

Kevin’s been doing a bit of research for his appearance on Engel’s podcast. He noticed that the questions asked are covered in the workbook you can download from Engel’s site.

Where did some of those questions come from?

Engel likes digging into the younger you. He says this is because he feels the younger you doesn’t get enough credit. It’s always:

“If I knew then what I know now then I would have done things differently!”

However, for Engel he marvels what his younger self had to deal with. It is a challenge to think we need to give our younger selves more grace.

Amanda, Amanda…

What a selfless lady. Engel took off on a trip around America in 2018 – virtually every single state and Canada. And Amanda was there through it all. It’s the kind of road trip most of us only dream of.

What was that all about?

That wasn’t just Skyping people or calling them. That was meeting with people and speaking face to face. Engel interviewed and recorded 349 people.

The journey was remarkable. These things seem huge at the end of it but it really started with small conversations and consistency. Amanda supported this trip and everything snowballed from her initial yes. However, it was challenging – not always having the financial backing and other factors. A trip like that is huge. But what an achievement! And an inspiration!

Are you looking forward now you have a sense of the human spirit through your conversations?

There’s hope. In the midst of the kindness and love that was shown to Engel and Amanda, there were also people who though they were crazy. But there’s hope because he was shown such love and hospitality.

Engel doesn’t listen to the news. That’s not to say he puts his head in the ground. He is aware go what is going on in the world. But you can’t let these things cripple you. You’ve got to keep looking forward. Humanity is beautiful.

What kind of situation will Engel and Amanda be in in 20 years time? Where are narrative and networks going to develop.

It is necessary for plans. Engel and Amanda are planning to host an engine for change. Environmental change, sustainability and community is big at the moment and they want to respond to that.

Engel really believes it all starts from a conversation. What he has also applied is that action needs to be applied to the creativity and conversation that is occurred. Action must be paired with narrative and networks.

He wants to get money to perform and provide for others what he envisions – to let them know what they can do for themselves and their community.

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