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Copy & Marketing Automation with Shenalyn Portugal

Graham and Kevin have Shenalyn Portugal on the podcast today – into the world of digital entrepreneurship and bootcamps! Shenalyn is talking to us about copy and marketing automation.

Shenalyn Portugal on the next 100 days podcast with hosts, Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby

What’s got you to where you are now in copy and marketing automation?

First, it just started as a bit of curiosity. While she was at school she had jobs in customer service but commuting and the troubles with commutes (traffic jams and control, for example) led her to think of other ways to earn money without travelling so far.

At the time, she was studying chemical engineering. Her big ‘why’ was that she wanted to make money for her self. As her parents are old and she, obviously, is not she wanted to create her own company for her self as well as to create opportunity for others around her. The first port of call was our good friend Google! But of course, Google was overflowing with answers in regards to how you can make money on your own. However, trawling through the results for a week lead Shenalyn found an article that resonated her. It wasn’t the ‘get rich quick’ schemes; she found an article talking about how to generate your first $1000 by a digital entrepreneur, in the digital marketing space.

As a result, she reads books and articles on digital marketing. The idea of copy and email marketing really interested her, and still does interest her! She read people like Dan Kennedy (Graham’s favourite!), Travis Sago, etc.

Copywriting: getting ever email opened

Shenalyn wants emails to perform better. Here is her process when she deals with clients:

  • Know your audience. Crafting emails drives Shenalyn toward her audiences. She sends her audience a survey so she can know them as well as possible for when she writes the email copy.
  • Know the company. Shenalyn immerses herself in the assets and the purpose and the message of the company she is helping. This is because it will drive the style of copy she is writing.
  • Organise pipelines and structuring. Marketing isn’t just about content. It’s a broad subject really and, though words are important, consistent and effective strategy is as vital.

Also, having a pipeline means Shenalyn can track who are leads, half-leads and converts. This determines what she writes for them as audiences. This is called lead-scoring and feeds not her expertise in marketing automation.

As a result, one of Shenalyn’s desires is to create a programme that shares her skills. Naturally, she cannot serve and help everyone. A programme would extend her reach and the help and expertise she offers.

Person Writing on Notebook, Digital marketing, the next 100 days

Successful bootcamps

Shenalyn has received good feedback from clients who go through her bootcamp because her programme has created clarity for them as business people.

How would you prevent emails going to spam?

There are 4 things that you should look for.

  1. Content – look out for words that are picked up by spam filters. You can google spam words.
  2. It’s best practice to ask your users to white list your emails so you do not get put into their spam folders.
  3. Also, look out for the use of links inside your emails. Do not use three or more as this can be picked up by spam filters. She advises 1-2 links.

Kevin asks if video embeddings are counted as links: no.

Is it a good idea to have video clips and links inside your emails?

If you’re writing long content, try it out. However, if your competitors are using lots of links and data, it may be best to trust your own style and leave the extra digital content…especially if you’re creating short copy.

The coronavirus

Thailand is in a similar position to most countries as they are in lockdown. People are quarantining in their homes. This creates an even greater requirement to do things digitally – the marketing landscape is changing!

If you had to look forward now, what do you think people will be doing more of once the virus has moved away?

They are going to open more opportunities for working at home, as this has been made the case because of lockdown. As a result, it shows it can be done. This will also help the climate emergency, as less people are travelling.

Free Summit 2020

Get expert advice from writing and business copy experts on Shenalyn’s Free Summit. It will go live for 5 days, every quarter. It will start this month, on April 25th.

Waitlist 30DLBC

Well, anybody who reads Dan Kennedy has Graham’s confidence! If you want to get in touch with Shenalyn, follow the link here.