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Today we’re discussing Online business networking with Ladey Adey and her eighth book which launches on the 25th of September.

Where did the idea for your Online Business Marketing book come from?


The idea for her book came about when the world went into Lockdown and everybody was asking the same question, “What’s happening with our business?”

Being a publicist, she thought she wouldn’t have many clients so decided to write a book about what is happening. As the months progressed, Laydey noticed she was actually getting more clients due to Online business networking. 

Online business networking has become essential this year, so Laydey has written this book for all businesses having to move online. 

Why is there such a big interest for Online Business Networking?

Having a network online is a way of building relationships that passes business to each other. It helps you get more clients. In her book, she discusses how the big networks were using it.

What is an “Elevator Pitch”

An elevator pitch is a method Ladey discusses in her book.

It’s taken from the idea that you can get in a lift with somebody and by the time it reaches the top floor, you can say to that person next to you what it is that you do and if they’re interested then you can get off at that floor and start talking about your business with them.


Knowing your Audience

Each network is slightly different and its getting used to who’s in the room. There are a lot more people in the room online because they’re from all over the world which means a huge network of people.

Usually, when Ladey is lecturing people in her networking group, it varies from 6 to 100 people. This brings up all their little screens. All of a sudden, your screen becomes a business card.


So, what a brilliant and informative podcast. if you would like to get your hands on Ladey’s book about Online Business Networking, the launch is on the 25th of September 2020 and you can also visit the launch here.

Ladey's new book

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