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Woobamboo Co-Founder Christopher Fous Talks About Environmental Branding


You may recognise Christopher Fous, of Woobamboo from his appearance on the podcast in 2017.  Click here to listen. We’re absolutely delighted to have him on again (although Graham did pronounce his surname wrong as per usual!).

A lot has happened since Christopher was last on the show, and since then, his brand has sky rocketed in the oral care market, and here’s how.





What Is Woobamboo?


Woobamboo has one aim and one aim only. Christopher can proudly say that as a company, they don’t push their products to people, they push their mission. You guessed it. That mission is world change.


The company produces a whole range of echo friendly oral care products. On the website, you can find beautifully designed bamboo toothbrushes, bio-degradable floss and natural toothpastes.

Christopher wants to make a change to the earth one healthy smile time at a time. It started out as 3 “dudes” wanting to make a change together.


Since the last podcast we had with Christopher, the Woobamboo team has increased to a10 people and have managed to manufactured and sell over 6 million toothbrushes across 60 countries! How amazing for such a small team. 


Christophers Process to Cleaning up The World

Woobamboo have partnered up with “Repurpose Global” and their only mission is to clean up the planet. Every toothbrush that the Woobamboo sells, a small portion of the proceeds go to them.


What they do at Repurpose Globally is provide jobs to people in third world countries and landfill regions to remove plastic that can be recycled and turn it into something better.

Whats Next For Woobamboo?

Everything Christopher does at Woobamboo is a metaphor for cleaning because it’s how he wants to leave an impact on the world. Its not just the mouth Chritophert wants to clean, its the planet .

At Woobamboo, they have thought about doing other products in the future, such as: facial scrubs, peels, lip balms. If the company can increase the product range, then that’s more products that people can choose to buy, which means that they’ll be helping to save the planet too.

What an amazing guest Christopher has been  and we hope his story has inspired you as much as it’s inspired us! To find out more about Woobamboo and take a look at the products they offer, click here.

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