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Customer Karma with Arjun Sen

Arjun Sen joins The Next 100 Days podcast on the 250th Episode to discuss his book Customer Karma. All the way from Texas, Arjun will be discussing how companies who genuinely invest in their customers, are rewarded with good karma of customer loyalty. Bringing his down-to-earth advice, he is here to help you become a better person and marketing manager.

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What is Karma?

Arjun’s grandmother taught him the concept of karma growing up. He says karma is all about putting in your best effort. If for example, Kevin was Arjun’s best customer,
he needs to get to know him. Pour his heart out so Kevin feels it. Good karma is cultivated by heart-felt good action. When companies genuinely invest in their customers,
they are rewarded with good karma of customer loyalty. In the book Customer Karma, he compares everything to dating. If you are dating and looking for a relationship, then
you both need to connect from the heart. So, if we can do it so easily in life, why do we try to buy business instead of connecting. One thing that Argent has learned is that we
are in the feeling business not the transactional.


How to Make Customer Experience Better

To make the customer experience better you need to feel like the customer. Observing the customer and taking the time to know what the customer wants is essential.
Then you will start to feel the pinpoints.

Nobody will pay you if you make them feel stupid. People will pay if it makes them feel good. It all starts with an amazing experience. As the leader, it’s important to give
every person that empowerment to make them feel excited. To do that you need to start by being excited. Instead of thinking about “numbers numbers numbers”
you need to start with the vision and empower everybody else to also feel that vision.



The Big Win

The reality is that each one of us is worried about something. Whether it’s our health, the next pound we make. As Arjun states in Customer Karma, he thinks it’s extremely
important to spend our time wisely. After all, everybody is good at something they are good at but people are always afraid to ask for help with things they’re not. It can be tough
to find new ideas but somebody else out there will have different, new ideas to make yours bigger and better. Being that bit more patient will help you to see more. Bigger ideas
is the path to really win big. On an individuals journey, Arjun has three steps:

  1. See what others don’t.
  2. Don’t stop at a solution. Stop at a feeling
  3. Never stop at the answer. Make the idea bigger




Such a big part of all this is community. And with a community comes giving. The first thing to do is to pause and see beyond. People can always start off by coming across
as mechanical. Arjun refers back to The Next 100 days Podcast when we invited him on the show. Instead of sending Argent a step by step process of what to do, we instead
talked to Argent and got to know him as a person beforehand. This made Arjun feel comfortable. Taking that time to pause and listen is exactly the point he makes in his book.
“Listen to Listen, not to respond”.

Customer Karma, is a must-read for any business that wants to attract, effectively serve, and retain life-long customers. Click here to purchase Arjun’s book.
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What a great guest to have on for our 250th episode. If Arjun’s podcast has inspired you or you would love to reach out to him for help with your
business, then feel free to look at his website here.

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