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Simona Spilak is Here to Help You Reinvent Business

Simona never thought in a million years she would have a career where she can be fully connected to people. She works on coaching, relationships, competencies and potensials in people.

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Simona had always worked in several countries and several markets which really gave her the skill she uses today. It showed her diversity, understanding different ways of working, ajusting to different cultures, habits. A great training for personality.

Working for big companies gives you big knowledge. This makes it easy for her to impliment them into her coaching for smaller markets. The beauty about coming from a small country to Simona is that she is able to think big but still be modest.

“Think Bold. Act Fast. Be Fierce” –  Simona Spilak

Being Fierce is Most Important

People think Fierce can be an aggressive word. Fierce is actually something Simona can be proud of. She says it comes from within. Many people dare to be like that from her experience. If you don’t carry your courage or think fierce in a situation then you’re just average. Thats exactly how Simona behaves and serves to her clients. 


Whats Your Explination on Self Confidence?  

Simona role as a coach almost gives people self confidence. Her simplest explination for this is to do what you think is right. It needs to be good for us to do good for others. Then that self confidence shines out and you carry that with you. In the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you act.  




She uses the online community as a platform, business strategist, mentor and coach to address those challenges and help others.

she has always wanted to inspire and encourage people to achieve what they want or need. Taking her offline business online is an opportunity to impact more people, personally and professionally, while spreading the passion she carries.

Come join Simona on that journey!



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