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Relationships with Casanova Brooks

Who would have thought that a man who once had no home to house his family in and no job to earn income, would’ve locked in 46 real estate deals in his first year as a real estate agent! All through the power of relationships.


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How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?


 Casanova grew up in Chicago with his single mum. He was an only child on his mum’s side and his dad was never around. Not having a father figure to show him what financial literacy or entrepreneurship looked like, he had to face this on his own. His Mum and Grandma was never lacking love and support, but could never teach him the skills he needed.


Brooks would find himself reading Forbes and watching shows of rich successful pioneers. That was what he wanted to be. It gave him a lot of hope and dreamer mentality, knowing he could be one of those people. All he needed to do was find out what their story was and how they got there.

Be The Lord Of Your Land

Cassanova didn’t know what path he wanted to take in life until he came across a certain video. It was a man who was big in real estate and said “you need to be the lord of your land”.

This really struck a chord with him as no one in his family actually owned anything. Cassanova didn’t know anything about being an investor but he did know he can build relationships with the best of people and help them to try to buy or sell.  


After 4 months, he received his real estate license but Unfortunately, his mum passed away a week later. This lead to him losing his mum and his job in the space of 2 weeks. For Casanova, this pushed him even more. In just 9 months he did 46 deals and 8 million dollars in volume and rookie of the year.  

What’s Your Secret to Real Estate?

There were two main steps that lead him to success. At an early age, he learnt that relationships were the true currency to all success. If you help enough people get what they want, you will get whatever you want.

In business, you need to find out who is your target market? who is your audience? Although it’s needed, a lot of the time he thinks we allow that to allow us to stay stagnant. As long as he can go out and build relationships, it wouldn’t matter what product or service it was. People don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you do it and who you are.

What Do You Do Currently?

Currently doing real estate and investing, Casanova doesn’t like to think of himself as a real estate guy. Although a lot of people come to him wanting to specialize in one thing, he doesn’t.  What he’s specialized in, is really just relationships. Connection. For him, looking at real estate is a business. But when you start out as a realtor, you’re really just building a “start up”. You have to build your impact, your influence, and your income. Your leverage.

That’s it from Casanova but what an amazing guest he was. If you would like to know more about helping people and showcasing how building a bulletproof mindset & meaningful relationships then click here.


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