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Re-Imagining Sales with Nick Bramley

Nick Bramley, impactus

Re-imagining sales couldn’t be easier with Nick Bramley, CEO of Impactus. Nick joins us for the 4th time to inspire performance excellence in teams, businesses, and in individuals.

Where did the name come from?

The name has two meanings. It’s meaning is the impact on us it has. However, there is an American version of the site that looks like Impact US which was semi-accidental.

What should we be learning about sales re-imagining?

This came about when Nick was doing a lot of work with all sorts of different clients. With one of his new clients, he asked him “how do you get your sales?”. The MD said that he does two big exhibitions a year, one in Germany, one in the Middle East. This was where all the sales were generated, along with a sales team who would spend their time hunting them down and following up. They also had sales reps out on the road selling products and doing engineering support.

Nick told the MD that half of his marketing routes, if not more, have closed because of COVID-19. At the start, lockdown locked everything down so there was no opening for them. After the first lockdown, there was a partial opening but a lack of confidence. So if you were a sales rep out on the street, people were nervous to approach you.

They couldn’t go to the exhibitions that they usually do and they were no good at network marketing when everything was usually face to face. All of the usual routes to sales had been cut off for them, and it’s the same problem for lots of businesses around the world.

This whole thing got Nick thinking hard. What can you do in 2020? Because you can’t stop selling otherwise you haven’t got a business. So, he created a webinar originally and sent it to various clients. It’s about telling them not to keep doing what they’ve always done otherwise they’ll get worse results than ever before. What if there’s a third spike? No one can predict what’s going to happen. So the idea of sales Imagining was basically around that.

Will we change our way of life after COVID?

Nick doesn’t think on the sales side, normal will ever be the same again. If your a sales rep selling products or services and meeting clients then are you really going to do 50000 miles a year. Your clients won’t even expect you to do that anymore. Most clients will be happy with doing the majority of it face to face over zoom now that it’s a way of life and we’ve adapted to it.

What have you found to be a good reason for people to connect with you on Linkedin?

For Nick, he wants people to be inspired by his connection request. If he sees somebody who looks like his ideal customer avatar then he will send the connection request. He could send a message saying “hi my name is…can I connect with you?”. First of all, that’s really boring. How many times a day will people on Linkedin get sent that? There’s nothing much you can sell in three paragraphs so Nick always embeds a link into that connection request. And that link depends on where he wants to take that person. That might be a different link for someone else. For example, if he looks at that person’s Linkedin and thinks they should be involved in his online sales academy he will send them that link to the Youtube page. The page has 22 testimonials from people who have done the online sales academy.

So don’t do a boring plain text introduction!

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