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Accounting systems with Chris Tredwell

Chris Tredwell joins The Next 100 Days to talk about his accounting system Aqilla. Aqilla is a modern cloud based, multi currency accounting solutions designed to suit the needs of demanding mid-sized organisations.

What does ERP stand for ?

Chris says that ERP refers to the journey that technology has gone on through the last decade.

When technology first started being developed to support all of the different business function, it was modular. You’d of had the finance system that would help the finance department. The HR system that helped the HR department. As people get more clever with developing software, ERP was born.

ERP would ultimately bring all these various different pieces of software together under one system. A business could purchase the software from one provider and it would support requirements for different business functions.

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning.


How Many Users Would an Enterprise System Have?

The different user make up can be quite different depending on the organisation. Some organisations will have just 1 enterprise user. They’ll have full access to the enterprise system. Be able to reconfigure it, update reference information and have full level requirements. However, for a day to day accountant doing administration, they would be a standard core user which is only £12 a month. It can vary between organisations.


However, entry level systems such as “Zero” and “Quick Books” are designed to be systems with very limited knowledge of accounting. They’re book keeping systems because you outsource your accounting to a third party. The systems have been built to be as straight forward as possible and talk to you in a common language.

Likewise, Chris has tried to Make Aquilla as easy as possible to understand. Because the older systems require you to be an accredited accountant to be able to work the system, not everyone will understand what to do. At Aquilla, they’re aim is to make a system that’s simple enough for everyone to know how it’s used.


Has Covid and Brexit Impacted Your Business ?

From a functional prospective, Chris doesn’t think it will make too much of a difference. The one thing with finance software is that it’s the last thing a business is going to get rid of. They need to know what’s going on in their business finanialy so the last thing they would get rid of is their financial software. With Covid, business hasn’t changed at all for Chris. If not, their customer base went up even more. Chris envisions that in the next year, he’ll have more clients. After all, they’re still, going to need a finance solution to be able to under pin what they do.


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