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Business Coaching Hacks with Memory Man Mark Channon

Memory man, Mark Channon joins The Next 100 Days to share with us his Business coaching hacks. Mark’s a man of many talents and has a fascinating background history.

Mark was an actor for 15 years. He did mostly west end stuff and then national theatre for 3 of those years.

Early on in his career, around the early 90’s, he shared a flat with his friend Steve. Steve one day, asked him to try remember 20 random words. Back then, Mark has a reputation for his really bad memory. People would laugh and joke about it. What he found out later on was that in reality, his focus was all over the place.

So, Mark tried to remember the 20 words and guessed around 5 or 6. Steve then showed him a technique he had learnt and it changed Marks life. As dramatic as it sounds, it really did change his life.

In the end, Mark managed to remember all 20 words but they stuck in his head. A day. A week. A month. He couldn’t get them out, like some weird magic going on in his head. It inspired him to learn more.

Long story short, Mark ended up making a game show for the BBC called “Munk Houses Memory Masters”. That was in 1995. That threw him into the crazy world of memory improvement. He even competed in the memory championships and got the title of “Grand Master of memory”.

Interpreting Memory Into Real Life

Although he enjoyed the game side of it all, he was really intrigued to see if he could use this in the real world. Now for the past 25 years, one of the things he’s done is dig into that area. Marks worked with a huge variety of people. He even stared on Channel 4 in a show helping Joey Essex to remember things.


Getting into the Zone

As an actor one of the things you have to be good at is getting into that state of flow. When you step on stage and there’s 2000 people out there, you can’t have other thoughts in your head. That was a skill that Mark early on, wanted to know how to deconstruct. He thinks back to when he’s in the zone. What does he actually do, what does he think about? How does he move his body, what does he say to himself or picture in his head?

If you want to get into flow, you need to understand how to get that feeling in the first place. The real trick is “how do I get that feeling into a different situation that might cause me some stress and how do I re associate that feeling with the thing I’m doing now”.


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