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Customer Journey Automation with Kenda

How Kenda can help you

Kenda specialises in behavioural marketing automation. What she helps people do is understand consumer behaviour. Understand what you want your audience to do so when they find you and first come across you online, what do you want them to do? What is their desired behaviour? She is trying to help people understand how the brain works in relation to your products and services and then what you actually need to provide to keep the brain happy. Ultimately, taking that customer journey that you’re really creating and automating it. So making sure you are utilising modern tools to help that customer through the process. You’re getting them from first coming into contact with you to signing up for some of your materials, becoming a customer, to having that nice long customer life time value everybody wants.

Do you have to have an established level of people turning up on your websites before you can engage?

Kenda says if you’re going to bring your consultant in to do it for you, you are going to have to be an established business with a budget set aside where you can comfortably do that. However, she did 2 things. She wrote a book about all of this and also created an academy for smaller businesses because you don’t need to wait until you’er at a certain level to put your marketing automation in place. The only problem is that it’s cost prohibitive to bring a consultant in to do it until your at a certain level. So really if your new at starting out, you should be building a list, and doing all the marketing automation activities. You just need to do it at a price thats friendly. Kenda has created so additional services for that as well.

Becoming the Youngest Partner

Originally when Kenda was studying forensic psychology, she had to pay her way through university because she was an international student. She originally lived in South Africa. Whilst she was paying her way through everything, she started working as a PA for a guy who was a consultant for marketing automation. He was bringing Infusion Soft from the US to the UK because he was the handful of people at the time who were partners. Within a year she was running his operations instead of doing his PA related stuff. Kenda just clicked when it came to marketing automation. This meant that she became the youngest certified partner outside the US and now they are the leading implementation partners.


Brain to Price

There is one critical thing which is really important. If you can understand it then it will effect everything you do within your marketing and marketing automation. When your brain goes about making the purchase decision, it decides whether you want to buy something or not. There are two specific systems that get activated. The reward centres of the brain light up when you see a product or a service that you might want. Your brain emulates having something in order to understand how it will impact you. When it comes to the price, emotion is part of the decision making process and you follow some logical thought processes. You’d think it was the cortex of the brain that would be used when it comes to price, the part of the brain that requires higher level thinking and decision making. But instead it was the pain centres of the brain which were activated. Thats the part of the brain that understands the price of your product and service.


The Purchase formula

The amount of reward activation that your brain gets from seeing a product or service has to massively outweigh the amount of pain activation they get when they see a price. The problem with this is that generally as business owners, we focus around the price of something and making sure that price seems right and good value. The price is actually the smallest thing you have control over because you can’t control how the brain sees that. What you have huge amount of control over is how the brain sees your product. So when business owner try to create a good environment for a purchase decision, were focusing on thew wrong thing. Because, instead of price, we should be working on the reward activation.


Automation Ninjas

Originally seven years ago when she started the company, she was working predominantly with a couple of marketing automation platforms. There’s a common term that’s used when your good at utilising a platform or anything in tech really and thats a Ninja. Overall, Kenda mastered the automation side of things so “Automation Ninjas” just kinda fit.

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