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Thrive Author Dean Coulson Explains Nutrition & Performance

Thrive is the title of Dean Coulson’s recently released book about nutrition and performance. The book teaches an approach to life from a place of curiosity, wonder and excitement rather than fear and frustration. Like Kevin Appleby, Dean hails from the North East of England, and sadly, follows Newcastle United too.

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What is Thrive – The Book?

Dean says the book is a brain dump of his experiences over the last 20 years. It’s about being able to perform at your best. There is no need for you to be an athlete! It brings awareness to:

  • how you move
  • eat
  • what you think about yourself

The book will help you gain a self-mastery over your mind, body and spirit.

If you want to secure your copy of Thrive, here’s the Amazon Link.

Thrive Book, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Dean Coulson, Fitness, Nutrition

It’ll End Up in Tears!

Examine yourself from these four aspects can only lead to real self awareness. Some of Dean’s clients unearth reasons from their early childhood that have informed their adult lives. In this clip Dean discusses one client who was soon in tears once he’d realised something from his past had been really guiding inefficient behaviour of his present.

Graham, of course, makes light of the subject, suggesting these painful woes afflict 52,000 Newcastle United fans on a regular basis! 🙂

Are You Self-Sabotaging?

One of the most telling parts of the interview is when Dean shared his experiences of people self-sabotaging their dreams. To keep them safe!

We create stories to keep your ‘safe’. Kevin had a similar dog threat story with his then young daughter. He bought a small puppy and she was able to overcome her fear of dogs. The energy of the emotion around dogs just dissipated. Very emotionally, Dean told a story of abandonment. At the hands of his mother. His 3 year old self was behind his cot bars at the time. He wasn’t abandoned in real life, but the experience was locked up inside him until another coach unlocked it in himself leading to him breaking down in tears for 10 minutes. Releasing the energy of that locked away emotion.

He’s a Software and Analytical Guy

Dean is a software guy by initial trade. An analytical thinker.

He regulated his own behaviour by trying to understand reacting and responding. You have to be aware of yourself. Don’t play the same story over and over. His martial arts story, he got his black belt at 17. He still felt scared of confrontation. Dean referenced Geoff Thompson, a world renowned expert on self protection. See one of his books here.

Self Awareness, Self Protection, Geoff Thompson, Dean Coulson, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Geoff changed the direction of his life. It made him understand pre-emption. That means hitting the guy first and hitting hard so you can escape. This training made Dean more aware of his own coaching. Having an awareness of your surroundings and inner game. For Dean, martial arts is about courtesy, courage, discipline, perseverance, and self respect.

How Did Dean Get into Nutrition?

Dean and his wife tried to have children. Twice going through IVF. He looked at other reasons. They were both physically fit. So he looked into nutrition, buying every book by Patrick Holford.

Patrick Holford, Nutrition, Dean Coulson, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Buy the book above.

He sought out a nutritionist. She was brilliant. He was lactose intolerant and that’s why he’d had a blocked nose for years. Their “why” was they wanted kids. In the end, their adjustments helped them conceive naturally. At the time of conception, he had eliminated wheat, coffee and he drank filtered water.

*Kevin astutely spotted that we were talking about WHY as a thread between the last 3 podcasts.

Planting Performance Seeds

Dean says his book is a truth seeking call to arms. We put armour around ourselves. Thrive brings the reader to the truth. What will you do now. Are you ready for a book on self mastery?

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