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Being a Leadership Coach with Kelli Reese

Leadership coach, Kellie Reese joined Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith on the show, all the way from California. Kelli lives in an Airstream a travel trailer. The views from her windows are awesome. She is so fortunate to live of the edge of the Los Padres National Forest in California. Looking out of the Airstream, Kelli has 360 degree views of mountains, valleys and lots of open sky.

Kelli Reese, Leadership Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Kelli The Clean Up Gal!

Whilst working within the Co-operative Movement, Kelli evolved into something of a change agent. Especially for places that weren’t doing so well. This was far from easy as a lot of people are rooted in the way they do things around here! One of the key lessons was Kelli implemented change in the amount that people could handle. It was like changing the direction of an oil tanker. Getting the membership, employees and board to agree changes became tiresome and no longer aligned with who Kelli was.

At the end of her time with the Co-op, what did Kelli like about what she’d been doing?

As an administrator, she didn’t do enough of this, but the thing she loved was working with people. Probably handy for a leadership coach! She liked to see people succeed. Loved the quote:

You happy on the planet somewhere else, is better than you being miserable here…so what do you want to do?

Kevin’s exercise as a Leadership Coach

Did you go back to the way you had set up your arms at the beginning? Bet you did.

Kelli the Destination Coach

So, is Kelli a destination coach? Her clients often feel like they’ve arrived when they find Kelli. Here’s what one of her clients said about her:

Leadership Coach, Kelli Reese, The Next 100 Days Podcast

A lot of Kelli’s work revolves around when the methods to deal with ‘Imposter Syndrome” don’t work for you.

You teach what you know. It happened to Kelli herself. On the side she felt crippled. She started OVER-COMPENSATING. This leads you to be out of alignment with who she was. She found Imposter Syndrome tools, but there was underlying patterns still showing up, such as shame and neglect in their childhood. Maybe this is brought about by a tough boss. Most of the issues stem back to childhood. There is always something in their childhood. But along the way, a traumatic relationship can add further layers of complexity to their condition.

81% of women put more pressure on themselves NOT TO FAIL than men do.

How does Kelli Help Her Clients?

Have you heard of ’emotional clearing’ ? Here’s how Kelli explains it.

Now, this is interesting. When people meet Kelli for the first time, what do they say? They are no longer in the right job and are looking for their purpose. “I think I’ve lost my purpose and don’t know what it is anymore.” Then they’ll say, they need to do something different and they have no idea what that is.

So, does she advise them to MOVE AWAY from the job they are in now, or does she tell them to STAY IN the job they are in now? Both. The thing is, if you move, without a resolution to the underlying issues, the problem goes with you. Kelli tells her clients that the best thing os to resolve their imposer syndrome and then THEY can decide whether the current job is right or not for them.

What else was possible at the time the root of the issue began? Like, getting a B for your Maths O Level (GCSE etc). Being shamed. Was there another explanation for what was happening? Was it really about you? A lot of times it just wasn’t. An understanding of this is so powerful for Kelli’s clients.

Clients create puzzle pieces and Kelli shuffles them around to present a clearer picture of what else is possible.

Kelli Reese Books

Just type Kelli Reese in to Amazon.

Kelli Reese Books, Leadership Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Etched into Kelli’s future Gravestone?

Live simply so that others can simply live.

Finding Your Purpose

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Once you get this, you can be who you are.

Watch out for something new from Kelli Reese. Kelli is working on a new project called THE SIMPLICITY LAB. A toolbox of techniques that can help people.

What 3 Things Can Someone Do NOW?

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