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How to Create a Competition Free Zone with Kevin Appleby & Graham Arrowsmith

The idea for this discussion on creating a competition free zone comes from the Dan Kennedy and Lee Milteer book “Renegade Millionaire – 7 Secrets to Extreme Wealth, Autonomy, and Entrepreneurial Success“. The book contains a foreword by one of our previous podcast guests, Adam Witty.

Competition Free Zone, Graham Arrowsmith, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Here’s what the book looks like:


What Question Always Gets Asked of You By Consultants?

“Tell me about your competition”. Or “Who is your most formidable competitor?”

Ever been asked a question like that? If so, your answer was probably, the outfit that is undercutting you. Maybe it was those guys outspending you, or who were bigger than you. Dan Kennedy tells us that your most formidable competitor is YOU!

The other options are partly right of course. Ask yourself will they put you under water? If not, you may already be moving towards the fire rather than running away from it. Acknowledge the competitors in your space. Then create behaviour differences to set you on a path to being a renegade millionaire.

Who is Your Most Formidable Competitor?

The 8 Strategies

Stand Out

What can you do that will make your business stand out from others? Are you willing to say things that others are afraid of saying?

Like Colin Kaepernick who truly divided people when he disrespected his own country by kneeling through the national anthem. Stuff him I say, but others might see a role model.

Would you take the risk with your business by being an advocate of INSULATE BRITAIN? Talk about setting teeth on edge.

Kevin says he has more time for the entrepreneurs solving problems rather than [Graham’s edit] woolly liberals spewing their bilge.

Raise Your Status

Write a book. We’ve recorded several podcasts on being an authority – including Adam Witty from Advantage Forbes.

As Kevin says this is the route to being a thought leader. Kevin points out that we have been invited to other podcasts, and we’ve spoken on 300 or so podcasts.

Show Up Alone

Show up alone in everything you do and every way you can. So, where can you show up alone so you are the only voice where you potential customers are hanging out?


Strong Pre-Determination

This means when someone turns up at your door, they are pre-sold. Here’s a story.


Exploit Time Invested

The time you spend alone with your prospect matters a great deal. Kevin agrees. As he says, the real thing you are solving is the customers problem. The more time you spend discussing the specifics the client is facing, the greater the chances of you’ll get the sale.

Kevin also says you look at finding about them versus talking about you. So listen to what they tell you.

Work in a Sales Winning Environment

Where can you talk to prospects to get more sales?

Use Overwhelming Force to Acquire Customers

As Dan Kennedy said in his book: “winning is rarely done gently”. This strategy is all about being dominant in a market.


Create Irresistible Offers

Graham observes that many clients don’t have an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. Big mistake.


Now, go be a Renegade Millionaire!

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