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Time Management with Jane Shaw

This might have been Jane Shaw’s first podcast, but what she tells us about time management will surely generate a series of guest appearances elsewhere! Jane runs a company called Serious Development. She comes from Suffolk. Jane is currently doing a Masters in Business Psychology at the University of East London.

Jane Shaw, Time Management, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Incredibly, Jane says she doesn’t believe in time management! Jane works with a training company called Nine Dots Development. One of our listeners, Aadila Jassat introduced Jane to us.

Jane says that COVID has pushed people into wanting to be seen as productive. In the past, staff would have been ‘present’ at work. You could see them there! COVID blurred this because you were working from home. More than that, there was no longer that commute ‘buffer’ between work and home.

Jane says that people are questioning “Is what I’m Doing, Good Enough?”. Am I good enough, showing to the company that I am good enough?

Therefore, it’s less about productivity and more about how you are doing holistically.

It’s About Being Kind

On the University course, Jane is currently attending, her lecturer said 8 out of 10 dissertations included the word COVID in the title.

Jane says people are JUST getting by. She argues the tools of time management are removing the humanity of working life. So, in therapy, her coaching students end up in tears often.

Kevin admitted he’d only been on a client site once in the last 2 years. Before COVID he’d do that regularly. When he is away from the desk, he really appreciates his time. Kevin thinks people think that if you are not at your screen, you are not working.

Get Back to the Workplace!!!

For your sanity and time management, get back to the workplace. Jane shares an excellent example of informal skills share. On top of that, she gives another example of dumb companies not knowing when they are being ripped off.

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Give yourself short rituals of recovery, says Jane. Like Graham, go for a walk. Give yourself a chance to think. Download the free resources from Nine Dots.

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Meanwhile, Graham had a senior moment. He forgot what it was that a colleague used to accuse him of when it comes to procrastination. He’s remembered now!

“His indecision is final!”

Jane Shaw Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast


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