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Apprenticeships with James Lott

James Lott supports apprenticeships in digital marketing for entrepreneurs. So, how do you get the talent in and how do you retain it and progress that talent? His focus is digital marketing. Working Knowledge is his business and it is based in Bristol. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His training business has been going for 17 years!

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National Apprentice Week – 7th to 13th February 2022

National Apprentice Week 7-13 Feb 2022, The Next 100 Days Podcast We recorded James Lott’s podcast to be released during The National Apprenticeships Week 2022. Click on the image above and you can find out even more information about apprenticeships. Alternatively, as you are sure to establish, check out James Lott at WORKING KNOWLDGE.

Helping Young People Thrive

For 17 years, James has been helping young people get started in their careers. One of James’s clients described the act of helping young people as “a responsibility and a privilege”. It’s all about encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs and young people in business.

Schools can improve their training of young people. Not least, they can improve careers training. You have to spend time in businesses to be able to get across what it is like working there. James has actually helped organisations present to schools. As a result, it’s an amazing experience he says. By entrepreneurs showing up in classrooms, it helps bring a school’s curriculum alive.

Can Businesses Inspire Youngsters to take Apprenticeships Instead of University?

The big question is should an 18 year old go to university or become an apprentice?


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