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Does your business need more cash? Do you need money to invest in equipment? Or perhaps just some help with your working capital? Chris Martin can help you. He shares with us how businesses can benefit from his services as an intermediary with lenders. Origin Finance is Chris Martin’s company and they supply business finance solutions. They are based near Northampton.

Chris Martin, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Business Finance

What is business finance?

The primary target for Origin Finance is to fund businesses through periods of growth.

Do you fill the gap that Banks leave?

Are Small Enterprises Always a Good Risk?

Nope. Chris told us his first priority is to protect his lenders’ money. Secondly, he gets the required funding into the businesses that need it. At the moment, as a result of the artificially high levels of Government money. There is a high level of fraud out there. So, Origin Finance spend time weeding out the potential fraudsters.

Moreover, Chris thinks the increased level of fraudulent activity has meant Banks are even more likely to reject loan applications. What’s surprising, is Banks don’t have the systems to weed out these fraudsters, so they say no to just about everybody.

What Sort of Things Could I ask For Financing For?

As per usual, Kevin asked another great question… Anything but property. That’s because there are better people who can help with property.

  • Asset Finance – a gym company who wanted a 4th gym kitting out.


Chris Martin Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

Chris also highlighted the show to his many followers on LinkedIn.

Chris Martin, LinkedIn, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Business Finance

Contact Chris Martin of Origin Finance

Website:  Origin Finance

Telephone: 01604 926 226

LinkedIn:  Chris Martin

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