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Scaling a Business with Business Coach, Mentor, Investor and Speaker Paul Avins

When scaling a business, many turn to Paul Avins. Paul owns 4 businesses which he is scaling. He also works with 45 entrepreneurs of £1m businesses who are themselves scaling a business. So, Paul owns a coaching business, a digital marketing agency along with a team profiling business and now he has a film production business.

Paul Avins, Scaling a Business, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Run a Business Like an Investor

He encourages his clients to build sales systems, and build teams, so the business can scale and pay you like an investor. In other words, he wants you to build a ‘grown-up’ business. Not a lifestyle business. A business that has a clear market, strategy, a brand, customers and recurring income. Add the leadership within the business and at an agreed point the owners can sell the business.

It’s NOT just about Scaling a Business

Paul makes the point that if you just focus on scale, but you haven’t sorted the leadership piece, which means you haven’t levelled up as a leader, or dealt with the mission and values, then it’s very hard to attract the talent you’ll need. If you fail to sort out these things in advance, once you bring in more customers, you’ll find your business will get stuck.

Here’s a construction example.

We found out that the construction ‘found’ Paul to help them negotiate their team challenge.

The  3 reasons Paul gets called in need Talent, Cash, Strategy.:

  • I’ve got to the scale-up ceiling (about £1m) and they need to ask the strategic question of WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO DO?
  •  With a recent client who’d been following Paul for 11 years, he had 3 issues:- raising funds
    – getting a part-time FD
    – protecting IP


A Summary of Imperatives for Scaling a Business 


Another piece of advice. Paul reckons almost everyone he has worked with has underestimated the amount of cash they need to scale. One of his clients in packaging has scaled from £6m to £24m in the last 2 years. The skill required to manage that sort of growth is huge. For example, one piece of machinery is £3m. The point Paul is making here is your job is to hold the vision. You need the team around you capable of managing those sorts of investments.

It’s All About Talent, Cash and Strategy

Paul went on to share a very personal story. Tune in for the details. But, it helps you understand how important it is to beware of physical, emotional or financial breakdowns.

So, ask for the right support.

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