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Luxury services such as private jets, extravagant events, PAs and personal chefs. Truth is, there are a lot of services on offer as everything is bespoke to the client. Joan and Leah conduct consultations with their clients.

Joan Jones & Leah Murray, Luxury Services, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Tell Us About Coalesce and Bonds

Leah explains that they love to see people come together and connect. After the Lockdown in 2020, Joan and Leah reinvented the company. They wanted to focus on building solid bonds between people. In-person. So, whilst the Lockdown kept us apart. this personal luxury services business puts people back together again.

Joan explained that people work hard. They have challenges. But affluent people wish to enjoy their lives at home, in the office and around the world.

How to Contact Leah and Joan at Coalesce and Bonds

They have a wonderfully evocative website:

Speak to them in person: +44 1732 647076

Or email them:

PA Service and Why it’s Important to Affluent Individuals

Joan and Leah are committed to providing exactly the right PA who is 100% in line with the client’s expectations.

The matching process is all about initial free consultation. Then, Leah and Joan would look at the PAs they have and match the client’s character. Moreover, the PA needs to be part of the individual’s life, and family even. The PA is there to make the individual’s life run as smoothly as possible.

Fly Around the World as a PA

That’s some opportunity, wouldn’t you say? A total person-centred approach.

We’re All Edgy People….Eh?

Graham’s not that sure what edgy means. Is it good, or is it bad?


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