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Funded Female Founders with David B Horne

Funded Female Founders is the title of David B Horne’s latest book and Amazon Best Seller. As we recorded the podcast, his book had just taken the number 1 slot in his category. Well done, David! He explained that the book wasn’t the inspiration of a question posed in our first podcast, sadly. But, Kevin and Graham had picked up on the theme that was to become his focus for this book.

David B Horne, Funding Female Founders, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Here’s David proudly showing off his Amazon Best Seller!

David B Horne, Funded Female Founders, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What was the Inspiration for Funded Female Founders?

Less than 1% of venture capital goes into all female teams looking for funding.

The whole premise of the book is there is disparity in funding new ventures by gender. In 2021, all female teams submitted 5% of pitches for funds and received just 1%.

DECKS to MONEY Ratios By Gender

ALL FEMALE – 5% (1% Money)
MIXED GENDER – 17% (13% Money)
ALL MALE – 78% (86% Money)


Funded Female Founders: How to traverse the uneven playing field and secure funding to grow your business Paperback – 22 Jun. 2022. Just click the image of the book and spend £14.99!

Funded Female Founders, The Book, David B Horne, The Next 100 Days Podcast

The book took David 18 months of researching and writing to complete.

It’s a Worldwide Challenge for Female Founders to Get Funding

We discussed Lauren Lewis, Glassworks London

Cognitive Bias

Females, you are going to face more negative questions than men do in pitches. Beware!

From HBR, More Evidence

David B Horne provides this Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast

TIP: Your pitch deck should be no more than 12 slides.

David revealed he is setting up a fund to invest in FEMALE FOUNDERS and NON-WHITE ETHNIC FOUNDERS.

Graham Shows His Neutrality! (Ha! Fat chance!!!)

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