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Public Speaking with Alfie Joey

Public speaking is the subject matter for this week’s podcast. Kevin was salivating about Alfie Joey. After all, he’s quite the celebrity in the North East. For around 10 years Alfie has been the voice of breakfast on BBC Newcastle. With passionate listeners, many do not know what he looks like, but they know his voice alright.

Alfie is soon to step away from his job at the BBC and start offering public speaking coaching plus a number of other related offers. He’s multi-talented.

Alfie Joey, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Public Speaking

How to Motivate the Troops in Newcastle in the Morning?

Most observers will probably think folk in Newcastle are at their best, in a skimpy outfit, at night. So, Alfie has all on to raise spirits first think in the morning.

Alfie’s morning show ranks as one of the most listened-to radio shows outside of London. They use RAJAR to measure listenership. Alfie, he places a huge amount of focus on every link. He wants to entertain.

He’s Interviewed Keir Starmer

Block of wood or really nice. You decide.

Alfie is stepping away from the BBC on Halloween 31 October 2022. He’s going to star in Robin Hood in pantomime at Customs House, South Shields.

From mid-January, he’ll have an empty diary.

Link to Alfie Joey’s TEDx Talk – Changing Lanes

Alfie joey, TED Talk, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Click on the image to listen to Alfie’s Changing Lanes TED talk.

Public Speaking on Britain’s Got Talent

So, Alfie appeared on BGT. The lesson here is:  when the world is watching, you’d better be good.

It’s a Huge Risk, But Alfie is Energised

Rehearsing and Being Distracted

Alfie tells us a story about allowing space for people to come in.


Public Speaking Expert Alfie Joey Gives a Testimonial

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