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Ian Logan is an expert when it comes to Whisky Investing. He is the Senior Manager, of Whiskies and Hospitality at Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Limited, based in Huntly, near Aberdeen Scotland. You are going to love this episode. Ian shares his favourite whiskies, and why The Premier Octave is a great buy (but be quick, there are just 74 bottles, so it is limited) for investors, for a Christmas gift or corporate gift. He even shares advice on how to drink whisky.

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Ian Shows How Much He Loves The Premier Octave!

Before we started recording the podcast, Ian shows off The Premier Octave!

Whisky Investing:  Scottish Highlands Water – Secret Ingredient

Ian shared wha makes a good distillery. People. It’s the unknown but so so valuable aspect of being a distiller. Of course, Duncan Taylor are bottlers, so their perspective is different. Ian sees himself as a boy when it comes to time served in the Scotch Whisky industry. And he has 35 years service! But, so many people have served the Scotch market for many many years – one person Ian knows has clocked up 68 years in the industry!

The Premier Octave

How does Ian know that The Premier Octave is just right? He said it’s in the whisky’s sweet spot. The team at Duncan Taylor, nose test it. They just know. Experience I suppose. Anyway, for the investor, the gift giver or the very serious drinker, you are not going to get a finer bottle of The Premier Octave. There are literally just 74 bottles for sale. Each costing £4,800. So, look sharp, they’ll soo be gone!

Sir Nick Faldo Endorses The Premier Octave

As Ian said, Sir Nick had a hand in selecting this particular whisky.


Ian Explains The Octogram

Now this was new to me. But, it means that the whisky started life in one cask, then was transferred to another. And because the whisky takes so much of its flavour from the cask, it has evolved into something very very special indeed.

Why You Should Add Water to Whisky

Buy The Premier Octave

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Before you do. Ask yourself where were you 31 years ago. What stage of life were you at? How much have you matured since then? Now, just think for a moment, do you truly believe this bottle will be one of the very best bottles of whisky you’ll ever own?

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What Ian Logan Said about The Next 100 Days Podcast!

Ian was very gracious and provided this testimonial.

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