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A Father Called Alice

The film “A Father Called Alice” is based on the life of Martin Allen. The production company Paperboy Productions contacted Graham and he wanted to showcase Martin’s story. It should be noted if you are easily offended by industrial language, then beware. But, as you’ll see and hear, it is only what has been said in the Houses of Parliament by Martin himself. But, we’ll get to that.

Paperboy Productions are seeking investors for this new feature film. A Father Called Alice has an amazing story. Martin said during the podcast that he can talk. “We hadn’t noticed” Graham quipped! But the thing is, you are left wanting more. This is why there is even talk of the film being made into a series. The subject matter is compelling. Some much so, that Her Majesty The Queen wanted to know more.

If you want to stake an investment in A Father Called Alice, then start your due diligence here: Paperboy Productions

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Trophy Children

Martin and his brother were Trophy Children. They were pushed to do well.

The Film is “A Father Called Alice”

Martin’s life has been about 2 things. Losing his kids and finding a version of himself that he was vilified for.

When Martin was 17, he started dating a woman twice his age. She knew Martin, and his association with his Dad’s ‘celebrity hiding’ business. This lady lived in a very posh area of Chigwell. She had a charity do coming up. Martin was requested to be at her house. She got him dressed up as a woman.

Older Woman Transforms Martin into a Woman

if you are wondering how Martin looked back then….

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An Epiphany, But Not For His Father

Revealing the woman inside himself was an epiphany for Martin. When Martin told his father about himself, he reacted badly. And to the day, he regrets doing what he did.

There was a pivot in Martin’s family life. The birth of his third child triggered his wife. According to Martin, she became frustrated and had an affair. A process was in place that would unravel their marriage.

Unravelling Marriage

Court Order Broken…48 times

This is one of the longest podcasts Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith have ever recorded. It is Martin Allen telling his story. Right now, in these show notes, we have set the scene. I hope you are curious to find out more about the ending.

Here’s a summary

Martin takes his battle to the Houses of Parliament and in particular to Lord Philips, but he can’t do it as Martin so he discovers Alice Again. Alice is asked to put her recommendations to the House of Commons, the bill gets the right kind of support, Lord Philips asks Alice to give a speech in the House, the first member of the public to do so, making history in more than one way, The Family Justice Panel was born, the recommendation was also mentioned in the Queen’s speech. Martin won his battle but sadly still has had no contact with his children to date.

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Please note to invest in the film, you should be a high-net-worth or sophisticated investor.

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