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Start-Up Funding Blueprint

James & Suraj share insights for founders looking for start-up funding. They connect founders looking for an investment with an investor network. On top of that, they create materials that help founders create pitch decks to help them fundraise. A big new project is adapting AI to help content creators and consumers summarise and unlock insights from their audio and visual content.

James Bannon & Suraj Tirupati, Start up funding, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How it all Started

James was used to working ridiculously long hours. It was late, actually early, when it dawned on him, rather than listen to podcasts, he’d like to produce content instead.

James had the idea that Suraj and himself would do a podcast based on interviewing founders and investors. Then share with people whilst learning themselves.

Suraj identifies a huge Corporate Escape market

If you are working 9 till 3 am in banking, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be thinking how do I escape this corporate jail!

They Mine Nuggets of Information That the Listener Can Action

James wanted the start-up funding podcast to be about actionable insights.

Valuable Insights into Pitch Decks

Common mistakes include

  • not having done market research
  • can you prove there is a problem worth solving
  • is there a chance of 100x your money?
  • are you outlining the market properly?


James & Suraj Provided these Testimonials!

First, we had James say why he enjoyed being on the podcast…

and then Suraj had his say!


Their Podcast

Click the image below to go to their site.

Start Up Funding, The Next 100 Days Podcast, James Bannon, Suraj Tirupati


The Next 100 Days co-hosts…

Graham Arrowsmith

Graham Arrowsmith, Finely Fettled, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Graham runs Finely Fettled to help organisations that want to market to affluent and high-net-worth customers.  He also runs Meet Professionals, which is offered to financial advice groups as a white-labelled lead generation and conversion system. Contact Graham on LinkedIn: Visit Graham’s LinkedIn Profile and by email.

Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, GrowCFO, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Kevin specialises in finance transformation and implementing business change. He’s the COO of GrowCFO, providing community and CPD-accredited training designed to grow the next generation of finance leaders. You can find Kevin on LinkedIn and at