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The Last 100 Days of 2016

We are entering the last 100 days of 2016. There are just 100 days until 2017. It’s the 23rd September 2016. This episode focuses on the steps you can take to get your business ready so you can take action to make the most of the next 100 days.

Kevin makes the point that if you have set goals for this calendar year then focus your attention on getting them done by the end of the year.

But, how do you make the most of the last 100 days of 2016?

Using the PLAN DO REVIEW format, we suggest you break down 5 days of planning, 90 days of action and 5 days of review. As 100 day periods join up, the review really comes up in front of the 5-day planning. We’ve just finished stuff, so you’ll have an opportunity to review your successes and things that still need improvement.

We have added a series of resources for you in a free download at:

The resources we use include:

The Thinking Hats Process – a structured process to examine what you have achieved. Give yourself a chance to examine BOTH positive and negative review. Be careful not to over-emphasise the more recent evidence.

One thought is to use suppliers and customers and friends to get feedback about your work. Their feedback can make you money! So go get it.

But remember to take stock of where you are in your business:

The Business Health Check – which bit of your business needs attention most across 8 areas of your business. This health check will give you a clue. It is a bit like a credit reference credit score. It’s quite sophisticated so do take advantage because it is FREE! You can take the Health Check by following this link.

SWOT and PESTLE – evidence from Thinking Hats and the Business Health Check can feed into your SWOT and PESTLE. These steps will help you figures out what you should be doing in the next 90 days.

Maybe you want to know more about YOU.

Try Strengthsfinder. It assesses your strengths and weaknesses. It highlights your dominant characteristic. The questions you answer are timed so your answers are sort of naturally based on instinct. Graham’s top strength is Activator. Kevin’s is Relator, which is a useful strength for a coach.

Other ways to identify things about yourself:

16 Personalities – do a free Myers Briggs survey.

How to Fascinate –

I promised to publish my results in these shownotes. My primary advantage is Innovation and secondary is Passion. Here’s the adjectives that HOW TO FASCINATE says describes me: I’m the Rockstar! I’m bold, artistic, unorthodox, revolutionary and sensational. Kevin has a mix of Mystique and Power!

Kolbe A – this time it costs money. It measures your conative faculty – the actions you take that result from your natural instincts. Costs $49.95

The Balance Wheel – another technique – See Kevin’s blog on the topic

Now go and use the “Magic 10 Days” to make the most of the last 100 days of 2016