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Bucket List

Live your bucket list, says Julia Goodfellow-Smith, this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Julia Goodfellow-Smith, Bucket List, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Bucket List – Julia Goodfellow-Smith – A Summary

  • Graham asked the ‘obvious’ question, who’d win in a fight between Goodfellow and Smith? Goodfellow, obviously. That’s her original surname.
  • Julia left corporate life in 2004, went back for 11 months, and then left again due to a health scare. She realised she wanted to spend more time having adventures outdoors. So, Julia pivoted from a career in environmental management to pursuing outdoor activities.

630 Miles Walk Adventure

  • One of the first things she did was to walk the 630-mile long southwest coastal path to have an adventure and raise money for the Marine Conservation Society. She carried everything she needed on her back, faced challenging weather conditions, and successfully raised £5,000 for the charity.
  • When it comes to long distance hiking Julia emphasised the importance of planning, doing some practice ahead of time and staying in touch with someone for safety.

Camino Walk (Spain)

  • Julia also walked the Camino. Her newly published book is about her experiences walking Camino.  She also cycled King Alfred’s Way on a high end mountain bike! Julia talked about the challenges and rewards of these adventures. Despite not being a Christian, she recognised the beauty of the historic pilgrimage routes to Santiago.
  • As an author and adventurer, her wish is to encourage others to live their bucket list.
  • Julia has a 10-year plan including a wish fulfilled (to live by the sea) and to travel the world while volunteering.

Get Your Bucket List Sorted!

  • Having a bucket list, whether checking off items big and small, is a route to living a fulfilling life. We also talked about the benefits of escaping corporate life and pursuing outdoor adventures for physical and mental well-being.
  • Living life to the fullest means choosing to go on micro-adventures. 
  • A bucket list is important because it helps you make choices and then just as important is having a plan. Potential adventures discussed were visiting Japan and New Zealand.
  • For a happy marriage, it’s probably best to talk to your spouse about your bucket list preferences.
  • Graham expressed skepticism about climate change. Especially when China are currently building lots of coal mines. Julia had sought to offset her and her husband Mike’s carbon footprint to Japan and New Zealand.

Pre-Amble Revealed!

Kevin and Graham are both challenged when trying to recall names and places. This time it was Kevin’s turn. He was referring to Arjun Sen, who was a brilliant guest on Episode 250 of The Next 100 Days Podcast. As Kevin recalled, we were later invited onto Arjun’s podcast.

Julia Goodfellow-Smith – Bucket List – Clips from the Podcast



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Stories more important than description – Walking the Camino

Want the book?  Walking the Camino

In Walking the Camino, Julia shares her experience on the two most popular routes and offers practical advice for your journey. What’s the Camino like to walk? Is it safe? How easy is it to find places to sleep and eat? Do you have to be religious to be a pilgrim? This book is full of valuable insight, tips and advice to help make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Click the image to access the book and other resources:

Julia Goodfellow-Smith, Walking the Camino, Bucket List, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How to Contact Julia Goodfellow-Smith

Julia Goodfellow-Smith, Bucket List, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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