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How to Fix Broken Teams with Scott Carley

Broken teams need fixing. Scott Carley is known as The Change Energiser. That’s because, he helps fix broken teams.

Broken Teams, Energising Broken Teams, Scott Carley, The Next 100 Days Podcast

If Scott comes into your life, he’ll change it. It’s what his friends noted about him. They helped him re-position himself as The Change Energiser. His business is all about changing broken teams.

He brings a lot of energy with him. The epithet The Change Energiser has liberated him.

Does Scott have a Special Cape?

What does The Change Energiser do?

Scott works with fractured, stalled or broken teams. They have lost their buzz, their mojo. Scott helps them clarify their priorities, to re-energise their broken team work and help them to cast vision.

He brings in that change energy to those teams or conferences. Where the team’s buzz has flatlined.

Why does the buzz go?

Teams get beat up. Sales people getting no after no after no. Its like a team shelf life. Team work has a team shelf life. When it loses its active ingredient, it needs pepping up again.

Most importantly, this applies to financial advisers, corporate companies. Scott is a Vistage speaker.

What is a Fractured Team?

A great team is energised and looks forward to meetings. A fractured teams doesn’t want to show up. Key players dont turn up to meetings. They aren’t working well together. Their purpose is divided.

Where do you start to put it right?

Scott recommends holding retreats. They can be all day, half day or quarterly.

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Broken Teams, Scott Carley, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Scott mentioned a Houston based company. It was growing like topsy. The COO of the firm called in Scott. They were drowning. How could Scott help? He started by making clear what the top team’s roles actually were. They didn’t know. Their titles mis-represented what they did.

Importantly, Scott has the outside voice. Scott can say things from a completely different perspective. That gets their attention.

Are Texans American Yorkshireman?


Where do these retreats take place?

Out of the office. A hotel with conference room. The key is to do something fun the night before. Golf, murder mystery, treats.

He took some fire fighters in charge of pensions skeet shooting. That’s clay pigeon shooting to you and me. Scott was able to set the stage. Doing it afterwards gives a chance for people to ask questions after that day.

Graham recommends Scott takes his Texas clients to The Dixie Dude Ranch just outside San Antonio.

What types of individuals actually fracture teams?

So, what kinds of people exist in fractured or broken teams?

Drama Queen Darla – never ask her how she’s doing. You’ll get an earful.

Dishonest Dan – if his lips are moving you are NOT getting the full truth.

Arrogant Arnold – he is so stuck on himself.

Missing Martha – where is she? she’s supposed to be here. What’d she call in sick for today?

Divisive Dale – he has a way of saying things before you come into the meeting that makes things divisive.

Debbie Downer – she’s got nothing positive to say.

2 more that the #MeToo movement that have brought to our attention!

Miley Cyrus – That would be a distraction. Regardless of what she’s wearing, she is a huge distraction. Usually, sexual.

What does Scott mean? Surely not…I’d welcome her in my team! 🙂

Charlie Sheen – you could never sit him beside or across from a woman.

How do you address their behaviours?

When you establish you have one or more of the characters above, it provides an opportunity to look at the FIVE FRACTURES. A step by step process.

Let’s say one of your team is a TRASH TALKER. So, maybe there is a character like Drama Queen Darla or Divisive Dale. They are discussing an issue, but not with the person like Missing Martha.

This is where an honest or courageous conversation is needed with the issue. Missing Martha. We miss you. We cannot keep circling around the issues this creates.

It’s also true, that these types of courageous conversations happen afterwards too. It allows people to be refreshingly honest.

The issues are almost always deeper than the surface. A Missing Martha, a few years from retirement. Got tenure, will retire soon, who cares. But for the others in the team, they suggested a face to face rather than getting HR involved. This Missing Martha got 2 reviews out of a 3 (when she’d be let go). This shocked her into returning to a good performance.


Hey, look at this!

Scott uses a TRUST CREDIT SCORE. Based on your behaviour you have a credit score. He created a credit score based on Stephen Covey’s book The Speed of Trust. 

The trust score is based on:

  • intent
  • integrity
  • capabilities
  • results

Using this score you can have a courageous conversation. Your behaviour is sabotaging our trust with you. If you repair your score, but until you do so, we are stuck. All based on behaviour.

“You cannot talk your way out of problem you’ve behaved yourself into. But you can behave yourself out of a problem.”

All of these characters can improve their Trust Scores through their behaviour.

Most of the time Scott deals with HORIZONTAL teams. There has to be enough of what makes them a team.

Ocean’s Eleven – the Best Team?

Bonafide mutual objective:  Rob a casino

Mutual Peer to Peer Accountabilities: If one of them fails, they all go to prison.

So, how do you compare with an Ocean’s Eleven team?

Evidence of Results

One of the ways you can assess how well Scott achieves is in the experience of a CEO client, who had inherited a team. She elevated someone from middle management to the executive team. It created sparks. Lying, divisiveness. Scott got the rising star to respond to coaching and the person who had been on the executive team couldn’t make the trip. They parted company and left. Sometimes, one person may need to leave. It can make all the difference?

Scott can spot the difficult employees. Trash talking person.

Testimonials for Scott

Is Graham a Drama Queen Darla? Only if Leeds United are losing! Rare then…

Here is what one of Scott’s clients said of him.

Scott.. my team was discouraged and worn out! It’s been a tough eight or nine months. Today was an amazing breath of fresh air! We feel encouraged and equipped to get more people in our pipeline and deals closed!  Melony C – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

If you can manage priorities it is a GATEWAY to progression. Executive teams are looking for people to get things done.

Fractured Team – the inefficiency?

30%. But it depends. Houston, it was closer to 50%. Re-work and lack of processes and tools were missing to operate as a good team. Afterwards their productivity improved. The Houston firm doubled their business pre and post Scott from $10m to $20m.

They’d become an abundant rather than limited company. Great teamwork MULTIPLIES what you can get done, along with your revenue. Correcting mistakes takes 5x the effort compared to getting it wrong in the first place.

If a fractured team will work with Scott. They give permission. He helps them repair that damaged trust. The message is, if you change your behaviour over weeks and months your score improves massively.

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