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Emma Preston joins the next 100 days podcast to talk about developing a success mindset. Emma currently works in retail, but is developing a business in events management. Her current goal is to stage a convention in 2019, ‘The Inner Self’ Journey 2019; A coming together of all things dedicated to the growth & enrichment of Life. A positive mental attitude is key to what she is planning.

Emma is transgender and her ambitions include becoming a leading voice for the transgender community. Emma has gone through a substantial transformation and we find that the change is much more than just gender, it is her whole approach to life.

Positive Mental Attitude with Emma Preston discussing blockers and goals on the next 100 days podcast

Positive Mental Attitude with Emma Preston

What is positive mental attitude?

Positive mental attitude, all about having faith and trust, not just in yourself but the people around you. Understanding limitations and working out how to overcome them by tapping into the wealth of skill and talent around you. If you tell yourself something can’t be done you self sabotage yourself before you start, so always approach your goals with an attitude that they can be achieved. Emma describes herself as always being a glass half full person, but recognises times when it was half empty. Since her transition she says her glass has been overflowing.

Emma’s positive mental attitude and her own personal transition

Emma refers to her period before transition as “the dark side”. She recognises her former self as being a procrastinator, someone with loads of ideas, but taking no action to take them forward. Since transition she is grasping everything in life with both hands.

Emma heard about LinkedIn Local, She acted and set one up, she is now working on a second group. This has simply come about through positive mental attitude.

Mind body and soul convention – planning the best one theres ever been, in 4 weeks since the idea she has already had conversations with key people that are beginning to turn the idea into reality.

Emma is working to become the most visible transgender person in Britain without actually shouting about it. She wants to be recognised for who she is without playing “the transgender card”

You can have anything you want in life provided you help enough other people get what they want – Zig Zigler.

What do others say about Emma Preston?

Ian Denney, our guest back in episode 114 says of Emma

“Emma Preston is a regular source of inspiration and knowledge. She has that rare ability to capture the attention of her audience and the enthrall, entertain and teach them. Emma has the ability to make the complex simple. She is passionate, generating an excitement and anticipation so you are sat in the edge of your seat because you can’t wait to hear what comes next. I would certainly cancel anything else in my diary to hear her speak.”

The Inner Self Journey 2019

Emma is planning to hold the convention at the Liverpool Echo Arena. She is targeting 1000 delegates to make the convention work and is surrounding herself with great people to help make it happen. Emma has a clear vision for the event, and can already visualise much of it in her own mind. The event will bring together mind, body and spirit, and explore how these three elements interact with each other. There will be amazing speakers.

This is only step one on a journey, this is about creating a brand and a movement. Emma wants further events, to take it to other cities, she has a goal to reach by age 60. This goal will only be achieved by asking for help when necessary and not being afraid of getting it wrong. Emma firmly believes in the law of attraction, and that like minded people will migrate together

As she prepares the event, Emma writing a book and keeping a diary about it.

Emma’s Next 100 Days

Emma has some big challenges for the next 100 days, and she will need loads of positive mental attitude. We have no doubt that she will achieve what she needs to. Her to do lis includes:

  • Get an investor, Emma needs to sell herself as much as the brand
  • Mapping out the complete journey to the convention
  • Talking to the right sponsors for a particular part of the event
  • Engaging the people that will be big crowd draws

Contact Emma

You can contact Emma Preston on LinkedIn:       

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