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Are you in control of your business finances? Do you understand the changes that are taking place with cloud accounting? Solutions like Xero are game changers that can bring automation to your book keeping. Many of us don’t understand whats possible, or how to go about making the change. Kevin Appleby is launching a new service to help with this: Divided by five.

Finances are always difficult to manage. Especially when you are growing a business. The new service will take your finance problems and divide them by five. Break things down into five key steps; five key numbers; or five key reports.

Your finance problems Divided by Five with Kevin Appleby - The next 100 Days Podcast

Your finance problems Divided by Five with Kevin Appleby

Divided By Five on YouTube

Divided by Five will launch as a YouTube channel on 1 August 2017 with a live broadcast at 4pm UK time. The channel will build into a set of resources that will help you understand cloud accounting, allow you to see the changes that are possible in your business and give you guidance on how to implement them.

There are lots of areas we plan to explore. These will include how to:

  • automate your book keeping
  • always have up to date financial information
  • set up your new cloud accounting software
  • integrate your accounting with the rest of your business
  • use financial reporting to get new insights into your business

Future products

Beyond YouTube, Divided by Five will provide other services. Most business owners start by doing everything themselves. As the business grows low value tasks need to be delegated or outsourced. Book keeping is one of those tasks. While the tasks might be low value, the information they lead to can be very high value. Having these tasks done in a precise and timely fashion is important. At Divided by Five we want to help, and point you towards the right solution for your business. Plan ahead when it comes to construction financing mississauga because choosing the best is crucial for your business.

We’ve evaluated all the cloud accounting solutions available, and reduced this to three that we would recommend. We only want to work with one of those cloud solutions and provide deep expertise in making it a great fit to your business need. We feel that the right choice for us is Xero.

If you want help either to set up Xero, or help to keep your book keeping up to date once you make the switch then get in touch and lets talk.

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