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The Art of Storytelling with Faye Kankowski

Faye joins the Next 100 Days podcast, to talk about storytelling. Her Polish Grandad moved to the North East, to work at Ashington Pit. Famed as the birthplace of the Charlton football brothers. Faye is just 24 years old.

What’s Faye’s Story?

When she was younger, 18, she wanted to get rich. Things changed. She got herself into storytelling in the field of dance, music etc.

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About 4 years ago, she was hitching around Ireland. She attended the Cape Clear Storytelling festival. Click the picture below which takes you to this year’s festival.

Faye Kankowski, Storytelling, Cape Clear, The Next 100 Days Podcast

What would she do? She was at a Storytelling festival and that meant she had to get up in front of a pretty large audience and tell a story. In her tent, she quickly created a story. It took an hour. Maybe 25 to 40 people listened to her story. She was terrified, but she got involved.

The story was about a guy waking up on a beach, finds a dog, the explore and comes across a witch! Then he wakes up? It was a short story.

Faye got into organic farming. She discovered a passion for talking. She’s a Geordie who loves to talk.

The Business of Storytelling

How did Faye get into the business of storytelling. A few years passed by and Faye worked hard, but didn’t exactly make a boat load of money. She got by. She doesn’t have an expensive lifestyle.

After watching people online, she met a previous guest Ernie Boxall, Episode 3 no less!

She started storytelling online. She wanted to create a storytelling community where it is like nursery where you sit quietly, sat in a circle, sharing your experiences. 5 to 10 minutes per day. Our experiences can help others.

The Art of Storytelling

When you read something it is very different from when you speak it.

She read Animal Farm in 17 minutes.

Faye records mainly through Facebook Go Live, it is more natural.

What is Faye Trying to Achieve

Throughout history, we have shared stories. Everyone owns one screen. If you chose, you could get through a day without interacting. We are losing the skill of telling stories. Its about life experience. Recording important moments.

From a business point of view, this is the way to engage people. Would you tune into the guy who tells you he made a million, or the guy telling you how things went wrong and where that took his life? Probably the latter, Faye says.

Stories really work in a classroom.

Business Use of Stories

Faye has got into a business opportunity selling medical devices. There are a lot of testimonials out there, but she sells by telling stories. The way the product has changed their lives. It helps to get the word out about the products.

We are suckers for drama. And negativity. How you turn it around is really compelling.

Faye is starting to help others. To teach people. To find an online community, who will engage with them. It is easy to become a name online, who types words. You could be a robot. Tell stories by video instead.

Telling Stories Outside

Graham mentioned buying a Gimbal… it’s the FlowMotion One. Do you have experience with gimbals? Share your experiences and videos on our Facebook group.


Pre-order, but expect a little wait. They are very popular.

Video only gets really interesting when you tell a story…

Everyone has their own approach. Practice makes you better, but just start.

This is the age of video.

CEO Movement

Faye is a Business Coach at CEO Movement

It’s a platform that allows ordinary people to set up their own online business. It is an affiliate business. They work with high ticket products, high commissions. They share reviews, information about Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

It’s non-competitive and safe, according to Faye. The company only makes 3 or 4 products.

You can do everything yourself, but CEO Movement have built over 1,000 members. They share knowledge and skills to build a successful business.

This is a route to building your own online business.

It is not fast cash.

A product video using the product has so much value.

Kevin mentioned Internet Business Mastery

Faye is about to launch Circle Time

60 second videos, inspirational. Shared every day.

Faye Kankowski, The Next 100 Days, Storytelling

See her on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram TV.

How to Get the Best Out of Storytelling

  1. Get a camera, tripod and a chair. Then start talking.
  2. Pick a letter of alphabet for 26 days. Talk about it for one minute without erms.
  3. Visit Faye’s Facebook Page for her 5 questions to ask yourself.
  4. Start looking at more business oriented things.
  5. Stories from customers.
  6. Practising makes perfect. Can you re-tell others stories?