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Instagram Training

Anna Yaramboykova discusses Instagram Training on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Instagram Training

Anna runs the Training Academy. She helps businesses with sales training, media training and learning and development for large corporates and HR departments.

Her accent gives her away. She is from Bulgaria, but to me sounds quite cockney!

Instagram Training – as seen by one of our favourite former guests Nina Szewczak (chef/chak)

Listen to Nina’s show here: 

Nina Szewczak

How Anna Got to Know Instagram

Anna didn’t know much about Instagram 3 years ago. When she does get interested in something, Anna dives right in. She saw it all as posting photos and videos. Curious, Anna started to dig into the business use. Since she started to learn and use it, she never went back.

Anna learnt Instagram deeply. What were people finding positive for business.

Anna says she finds Instagram on a far higher level to Facebook.

3 Techniques You Should Be Aware Of

  1. Be Clear. Especially with your messaging. A lot of people use it well. They might have a private Instagram and suddenly they switch it to a business purpose. It doesn’t work. They’ll lose following, traction and engagement. The main reason is they are not very clear in their messaging. So, if you are going to start an Instagram as a business, then start it as a business account from the very beginning.Don’t forget where you are based. The algorithm works will first target the people around you prior to going global.
  2. Dont filter your image. People don’t want to look at perfect, but authentic. Be real and be yourself. Make sure your message is aligned with your business.
  3. Use your real location. Make sure you are marketing to the area where your market exists.

Instagram changes its algorithm every 3 months. Anna is not an Instagram expert, but she gets social media. Recent advice is that Instagram wishes to encourage NON PERFECT engagement. Less of the perfect images, but real people.

Is Instagram all about VISUAL businesses? 

Kevin argued that Instagram serves visually enabled audiences.

Kevin’s business is management consultancy. Business change. Finance topics. Graham does lead generation. Not altogether visual. Not like cup-cakes, or graphic design?

Anna advises you show testimonials from clients. You can post a logo with free tips.

With Instagram you have to be posting every day. And at certain times. Be consistent with your messaging.

Flowmotion – Robbed Graham of £250.

Anna pointed to Simon Sinek as an example of someone who runs an effective business Instagram account.


Otherwise, she speaks well of Virgin Media. Great engagement and great following. Corporate trainers are often very consistent with their audiences.

Consistent quality of messaging.

Soft Skills

Anna trains people in soft skills. Clients will roc up and ask for sales training. Anna finds herself sometimes saying you don’t need that type of training. Instead, you need soft skills training.

Employee training. Get to know your people and culture. Soft skills helps establish your culture. To feel secure in the place they work. Later you can transition into sales training.

Do You Need HR?

Most people who stay at a company is because the management they have. They leave when they don’t feel valued.

Anna gave an impassioned defence of HR practice, certainly in recent years. The old HR model from 20-30 years ago is fading away. People in HR are more prone to interact and support people in situ.

What do you think? Where you have great managers, Kevin says, you’ll have a great HR department supporting them.

The HR Times They Are A Changing!

Anna spoke about a guy she knew who worked for 2 companies, one of them being In one they pay well and he turned up for the money. No support. In the other company, managers are interested in you. Regular training. My opinions are heard. I’m progressing. Once I can, he says, he’ll leave the former company and join up full time with the more positive HR lead company.

Connecting Instagram and HR Training

How can social media and HR work?

Training Academy was focused on sales training. Through experience, Anna has found that if she needs to change something, very often the company has to change their social media presence.

This prompted her to get to know HR. Business is done from people to people for people. So Anna wants to get to know your business aims and your culture?

What questions does she ask about culture?

  • what’s your client market? This talks to priorities.
  • Why do you do what you do? How you manage issues in your business?

Never gets straight answers! 🙂

More often than not, businesses are failing to reach a goal. They think the answer is social media. It isn’t always.

We need more social media, don’t we?

90% of the time, of them most need to be really clear on their culture, their why.

Marketing is NOT just social media. Did I just write that? It’s just too obvious isn’t it?

If you think this, then take a very very clear look at your messaging, your market and look at other media.

Anna Yaramboykova – A Beautiful Young Woman

So is she filtering her image? Or is Anna just naturally beautiful?

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