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Alternative Property Investing with Waqas Khan and Sheetal Patel

Sheetal and Waqas join The Next 100 Days from London to Discuss Property Investing. So, how did they meet? Both coming from very different backgrounds, one thing they did have in common was that they didn’t want to work for big corporate companies.

Sheetal had left her previous job in pharmaceuticals to start a new path and had always been keen on investing. She went to investment events, conferences and courses to try grow her wealth herself. On the course 5 years ago, is where she met Waqas.

Waqas left university and worked as an investment banker for 3 months. Whilst working there, he realised he didn’t want to work for anybody else. From there, Waqas ventured into investing in property which was just before the 2009 crash. From the crash, it was really easy to get into property. So at only 22, Waqas took the brave yet naive risk which thankfully paid off.

He used the resources that were available to him at the time to start investing into property for himself. Waqas mainly focused on lease holder and fee holder offer charge and distressed assets. Before the crash he moved on to luxury houses which then got cut short when the crash happened.

With the crash, Waqas pivoted towards investing and trading like Sheetal. He traded for himself with the capital from his property investing and slowly built himself up through connections. Since 2010, Waqas has been building his business on his own whilst trading at the same time. It was difficult, but the business grew along the way. He then met Sheetal in 2017 and the business formalised in to a regulated entity and now trade on behalf of private individuals.

The Businesses

Waqas and Sheetal have 2 sides to the business. One side is Narratus Capital and that’s geared towards investing through the FX market. Their main clients are private individuals with a minimum investment of £100,000. Then with the property side more recently, they have ventured back into is an extension of his previous experience.

With Covid and everything else going on around us, Waqas thinks there’s going to be a significant opportunity to start buying distressed assets and under valued properties. In particular, around London and in London. Waqas has been seeing distressed assets and opportunities in London that he hasn’t seen since 2009-2010.


Where Are You Finding The Distressed Property Market ?

They get access to deals on properties that most people don’t have access to. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of people in the property market that don’t now what they’re doing. You need to be able to move quickly and be able to buy straight away and know what you’re doing. You need to be able to know what properties are worth buying and that’s where the edge comes from, to be able to do what we do.


Lots of people in the world that we live in want to be able to buy property below market value and Waqas thinks those words get thrown around every easily. Because in reality, it’s not that easy to get that. It’s taken him over a decade to build a network and be able to get access to these properties. They don’t go looking for properties anymore. They get phone calls all the time from people asking if they’re interested.


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