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If you are an investor, seeking great returns and low risk, then consider net zero investing. Our guest on this podcast is James Parritt, who is soon launching a net zero investment fund. Net Zero is a topic that comes up as often as inflation and growth. Will we achieve the target set for net zero?

James Parritt, VitParr, Net Zero Investing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Why is net zero carbon important?

There is a lot of talk about sustainability and net zero emissions lately. But what does this mean for the future of our planet? And why is it so important that we achieve net zero emissions by 2050? In this episode, we will discuss the importance of achieving net zero emissions and how a massive investment in net zero technology can help create a sustainable future for our planet.

The world is facing an existential crisis. Climate change is real and it is happening right now. We are already seeing the effects of climate change with more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and dwindling resources. If we do not take action to reduce our emissions and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 is essential for a sustainable future. We need to invest in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and clean technology. This will create jobs, grow the economy, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. It is a win-win for the environment and the economy.

The time to act is now. We need to make the switch to clean energy and green infrastructure. We need to do our part to reduce our emissions and create a sustainable future for our planet. Net zero emissions by 2050 is essential for a sustainable future.

The strategy commits the UK to slash emissions of the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet to reach ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050.

What does net zero mean?

James explained that there are big carbon capture projects happening all over the UK. Such as Project Jackdaw, operated by Shell. They’ll use pipes to capture the gas they burn. Once captured they hope to transform the gas into molecules and create hydrocarbons.

Isn’t Net Zero Causing People to Worry?

James mentioned Al Gore – the movie was called An Inconvenient Truth.

Kevin recalled the campaign in 1973 called “Plant a Tree in 73”.

We have an exclusive photo featuring Kevin doing his bit. Isn’t that Kevin furthest on the right?

Plant a Tree in 73

Credit: Isle of White County Press, The Ventilator

How Much Will The World Need to Spend to Get to Net Zero in 2050?

Here’s what came up in Google – Source McKinsey:

When it comes to cutting emissions, it will cost an awful lot to make a little. The global effort to hit net zero by 2050 will cost $275 trillion in spending on physical assets, ranging from wind farms to electric cars and better-built houses, according to global consultancy McKinsey. 25 Jan 2022

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that amount of money is going to create a huge net zero investing opportunity for investors. This is why James Parritt is set to launch a pure Net Zero Investment Fund later this year.

Net Zero Investment Fund

Discover more about the VITPARR Net Zero Investment Fund, where you can invest £10,000 in year one with a 100% guarantee. That means, if after a year, the fund value is below £10,000, VITPARR will refund it all back to you. James explained that this one is to prove themselves in the marketplace.

Expected returns in Year 1 is 10%. If you are happy with this return, you’ll be offered the opportunity to invest £25,000 in Year 2 with a return of 15% and then £30,000 in year 3 with a 20% return.

100% Guarantee, Net Zero Investing, The Next 100 Days Podcast

How Taxing is it as a Net Zero Investment Fund Manager?

James Parritt has 4 degrees. That’s impressive and helpful when it comes to digesting the huge amount of reading that goes with being a fund manager responsible for a net zero investment fund.

Risk Profile

It’s about picking a number of brilliant businesses that are transitioning to net zero. Plus, as a global fund, VITPARR will identify some of the fastest growth rates for companies in the net zero space.

A Net Zero Investing Testimonial from James Parritt

James Parritt provided this testimonial after his first ever appearance on a podcast.


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