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Tom Schwab is a podcasting expert. He runs Interview Valet to help people get on podcasts. His knowledge of podcasts is extensive, as we find out in this podcast. Tom resides in Michigan, United States.

You are only 100 days away from being a guest on a podcast. Probably a lot sooner. But, with Tom’s help, he’ll fit you into the podcasts that will enhance your profile and business. Just like we’re doing for his services in today’s episode!

An early recommendation to Kevin Appleby and I is an AI recording solution called This records and transcribes your podcast so the text can be added to the show notes page. Coming soon to The Next 100 Days Podcast.

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How Typical of Podcasts are The Next 100 Days?

Well, it seems we are fairly rare. Tom calls Kevin and I ‘original gangsters’! Or is it really “old gits”

Tom’s background is inbound marketing. So, in 2014, he started looking at podcasting. Back then, one of the tricks they used was guest blogging. You’d do this to ‘get your name out there’. Tom recognised that you can use podcast interviews LIKE guest blogs. These podcasts worked so great, Tom thought it was just a fluke!

Talk to the Right Audience

Kevin made the point that every week we get downloads from our very early episodes. Tom builds on this and explains that some of his clients use podcast guesting just for the SEO value. Tom points out that the first person who brought that to his attention is:

QuHarrison Terry – find him here:

Over the last 8 years, Tom has helped over 1,000 different people get onto podcasts. Hi audience includes:

  • non-fiction authors
  • coaches
  • consultants
  • brands ready to launch, but feel like obscurity is their biggest problem.

Is it Safe to Go on a Podcast?

No one wants to listen to the same 10 questions, repeated. It’s just not interesting. Kevin and Graham are all about having conversations.

If you get a guest from Interview Valet, the guest is committed to promoting the show. But, Interview Valet does not pay podcast hosts. His business model is more like a PR agency. Getting people exposure through podcasting.

Don’t do MORE interviews, but do MORE with the interviews. Do no more than one interview a week.

One of our previous guests did do 200+ interviews as a podcast host with chief executives. It was Steven Haggerty – listen to his podcast here:

3 Things Podcasts Get Wrong

Tom shares the 3 things podcasts get wrong.

Where to Find Podcasting Expert Tom Schwab

Click on image:

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Podcasting expert Tom Schwab gives The Next 100 Days a Testimonial

The Next 100 Days co-hosts…

Graham Arrowsmith

Graham Arrowsmith, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Co-Host

Graham runs Finely Fettled to help organisations that want to market to affluent and high-net-worth customers.  He also runs Meet Professionals which is being offered to financial advice groups as a white-labelled lead generation and conversion system. Contact Graham on LinkedIn: Visit Graham’s LinkedIn Profile and by email.

Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, The Next 100 Days Podcast, Co-host

Kevin specialises in finance transformation and implementing business change. He’s the COO of GrowCFO which provide both community and CPD accredited training designed to grow the next generation of finance leaders. You can find Kevin on LinkedIn and at