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Lead Generation with Steven Haggerty from GrowLeady

Steven Haggerty is a lead generation specialist and runs a company called GrowLeady. They’ve grown quickly and now employs ten staff. GrowLeady offer lead generation through LinkedIn, email marketing and Pay Per Click on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Steven Haggerty, Lead Generation, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Founders365 – a lead generation podcast

Steven is a relentless guy. He recorded almost one show a day for a year. Amazingly, he has produced 222 shows in such a short time period. You have to say, that’s impressive consistency. It was late 2019, when Steven made a decision to record podcasts. He figured out that a founders podcast was a smart way to get in front of his founder’s target audience.

What did Steve learn?

So, what did he learn? Those that are truly successful and happy are NOT online all the time. This was a big revelation for Steven. Understandably, this reverted his approach to one he started his business life with…

I always had that work hard in silence mentality.

Steven Haggerty

GrowLeady is all about growth and lead generation. Steve says it has been a whirlwind. In just 7 months, the agency has grown to 10 employees and they have clients all over the world.

What methods are used to generate leads?

GrowLeady uses cold outreach and paid ads. Cold outreach is cold email and LinkedIn. Paid Ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok and YouTube.

You could spend between £200 and £100,000 per month. Steven says TikTok is a great way to approach GEN-Z customers with short-form e-commerce video.

Big question, ask yourself WHERE DOES YOUR CUSTOMER HANG OUT. Kevin reiterated the importance of having a client avatar.

A Change in buyer behaviour

How do younger audiences buy? Well, within 3 taps of your phone you can buy a product. First, tap the ad. Second, go on the website and order. Third, use Apple Pay to pay. Steven says people’s buying behaviour has changed dramatically over the last 3 years. How? People have shifted from a conscious buying behaviour, where they think, consider and look at their options. He recalls a time (as a 29-year-old) that he’d have 5 different tabs open, to assess where the best place is to buy that thing is. Realistically, 9 out of 10 times he’ll buy from Amazon.

Or, he’ll buy a product from an ad. Ads put what you want in front of you. Social media is so different for every single person. People with certain views will receive more news articles with those views. This is causing an argumentative culture. This polarises approaches.

Paid outreach avoids polarisations. You focus on demographics.

Do High Net Worth Individuals Avoid Social Media?

Steven highlights Instagram as a platform that attracts a number of HNWs. He used to work in the superyacht industry. Buyers wanted privacy. Now, social media is ego-based. HNWs will still share with their friends.

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Steven’s Testimonial for The Next 100 Days Podcast


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