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Aspiring Writer Coach

Eleanor Baggaley is an aspiring writer coach. She is a book coach for writers who are struggling to start or finish their books. Aspiring writers know it can be a lonely job and whilst writers are brimming with ideas it is easy to get distracted, procrastinate and put off writing for another day. So, what should such writers do? Search for an ‘aspiring writer coach’ and talk to Eleanor Baggaley. She’s this week’s guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast.

Eleanor Baggaley, Aspiring Writer Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Summary of Podcast

  • Eleanor, a former head of maths and computer science, talks about her transition from teaching to personal development and writing books to help students and young children find their path in life.
  • We discussed career paths. Eleanor shared her journey from being a teacher to becoming a book coach and author. In the meantime, Graham and Kevin talked about their potential book ideas. One thing stood out for Eleanor, and that was the importance of being passionate about the topic.
  • Graham, Eleanor, and Kevin discussed the motivations behind writing a book, including the desire to help others, leave a legacy, or establish authority in a niche. They also acknowledged that while many books do not sell well, the process of writing and publishing a book can still be valuable for personal and professional growth.

Eleanor the Entrepreneur!

  • It seems that Eleanor is a circumstantial entrepreneur! She discussed her various passions and entrepreneurial ventures, often building on the situation she found herself in.
  • As part of her work as an aspiring writer coach, Eleanor hosts a free online group called “Author’s Fika” for anyone interested in book writing. She also has a coach to keep her accountable and focused, and expressed the importance of accountability in achieving goals.

Importance of having an author identity

  • Eleanor, Graham, and Kevin discussed the process of writing and publishing a book, including the importance of author identity, editing, and design.

Will AI wreck book writing?

  • They also touched on the potential uses and risks of AI in writing, emphasizing the need to use it productively and not cheat the system.

The Next 100 Days – Book?

  • Graham, Eleanor, and Kevin discussed the possibility of collaborating on a book that would share the knowledge and expertise of over 7 years of guest podcasts. 

Clips from the Podcast

How Does Graham Get Away With it?
Podcast to Book?

Passion to help others

No Business, But You Want a Book


An Author’s Fika


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Eleanor Baggaley, Aspiring Writer Coach, The Next 100 Days Podcast

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