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The 100 Days Plan

The 100 Days Plan is the subject of this week’s podcast. Kevin Appleby thought it was high time that we went back to basics and discussed how listeners can get stuff done in the next 100 days. So, how do you plan the next 100 days?

The 100 Days Plan, Graham Arrowsmith & Kevin Appleby, The Next 100 Days

REVEALED – Kevin’s Fake Background

Kevin Appleby, Fake Background, The Next 100 Days Podcast

A Summary – The 100 Days Plan

  • Graham and Kevin discussed the concept of “the next 100 days”.
  • Especially, how it can be applied to various situations, such as starting a new job or tackling a problem.
  • They emphasised the importance of planning and finding quick wins within the first 30 days to make a good impression.

The 100 Days Plan – CFO Perspective

  • Graham and Kevin discussed the process of a new CFO coming into a company.
  • Kevin suggested there needs to be 3 phases:
    • (month 1) fact-finding
    • (month 2) blueprinting
    • (month 3) presenting to the board for funding, and communicating plans to the team

Important to have these

  • They also touched on the importance of having the necessary skills and delegating tasks to a team.
  • Kevin and Graham discussed the challenges of starting a new business and the importance of finding the right skills and solutions during the blueprinting phase.
  • They also talked about the different levels of risk involved in making business decisions and how culture and values play a role in the process.

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Kevin and Graham discussed the importance of asking five solid questions when taking on a big project, as well as the advantages of being a smaller, more agile company.

    1. Is there a strategic fit?
    2. What’s the costs and benefits?
    3. How are we going to buy it?
    4. Where’s the funding coming from to do it?
    5. Can we actually deliver it?
  • They also talked about the history of the first 100 days in office, including FDR’s invention of the fireside chat.

Clips from the Podcast

5 Questions HM Treasury Business Case


Five Questions Revealed


The Next 100 Days co-hosts…

Graham Arrowsmith

Graham Arrowsmith, Co-host The Next 100 Days Podcast, The Alternative Investment Summit

Graham founded Finely Fettled to help marketers who want to market to affluent and high-net-worth customers.  He is now the Host of The Alternative Investment Summit 2023, featuring providers of alternative investments. You can attend the summit for free. Contact Graham on LinkedIn: Visit Graham’s LinkedIn Profile and by email.

Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby, GrowCFO, The Next 100 Days Podcast

Kevin specialises in finance transformation and implementing business change. He’s the COO of GrowCFO which provide both community and CPD-accredited training designed to grow the next generation of finance leaders. You can find Kevin on LinkedIn and at