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Property Investing

Agam Jain, Managing Director of Vector Capital Plc, joins The Next 100 Days podcast to discuss property investing. Vector Capital has three main ways for investors to generate returns:

  • Loan notes – Investors can participate in the Vector loan note program, which pays 10% annual interest for investments above £100k.
  • Co-funding – Currently, rates for Co-funders vary from 8% p.a. – a 1st or 2nd charge on land or property secures 12% p.a. All loans issued.  
  • Available properties – Exclusive access to a range of re-possessed residential and commercial properties at favourable pre-auction prices.

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Summary of Podcast

  • Our guest is Agam Jain from Vector Capital, a PLC specialising in finance for land and property development.
  • We discussed the process of becoming a public company through an IPO.

An Impressive Property Investing Loan Book!

  • Vector’s loan book totals over £50million.

Attracting High Net Worth & Sophisticated Investors

  • We discussed Vector Capital’s business model, including its loan book, the metrics it monitors, and how investors can participate.
  • They also discussed the refinancing process and potential future changes in interest rates.
  • Graham, Vector, and Kevin discussed various lending and property investment aspects.

Re-possessed Properties

  • We covered interest rates, distressed properties, and the options available to investors, including buying, renting, flipping, or building a property portfolio.

Successful Track Record

  • Kevin and Graham discuss the benefits and risks of bridging finance with Vector Capital.
  • Agam explained its successful track record in resolving loans and the importance of being a public company with strict regulations and auditing processes.
  • Investors are attracted to Vector because it is a PLC that must follow the rules.

Clips from the Podcast

Becoming a PLC

Agam’s Back Story

The Human Touch, Don’t Rely on AI

Bridging – Land and Property

How Vector Works with Investors

A Small Percentage of Loans Go Bad – An Investor Opportunity

Testimonial from Agam Jain

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