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How to Channel Your Angels

Can Your Angels Help You Overcome What is Ahead?

You have the support of Angels. So says Tania Angelis. She joined us on The Next 100 Days Podcast to discuss her work channeling your angels. She’s an adopted Scouser, but was born in Stratford, London.

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Tania is an adopter Scouser and now lives in beautiful Formby, near Liverpool. Quick witted, she summarise Kevin and Graham in this pre-interview exchange…

Kevin and Graham Muppets?

“You are like Statler and Waldorf you too.”

In real life…


An Angel Teacher

What on earth is that? Graham asked…

Everybody has angels around them. Many people have grown up with the idea that they have a Guardian Angel. Tania teaches people how to connect with their angels. She’s been working with angels for 15 years to date.

With the help of her angels, she’s learnt to channel. A way to bring messages for people. Angels often have very specific messages for people. She allows her conscious self to step aside and allow the energy to turn from a block of thoughts into words that people can understand. Tania converts that energy into words.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

How do you know there are any Angels out there?

In her early teens, she recognised that there was something missing in her life. Pre-internet and Channel 4, information about spirituality was sparse. Afterwards, she had a family. Within years, she was feeling restless. In 1998, she saw an article about the Goddess Conference. A lightbulb moment. She went to the next event at Glastonbury in 1999.

This was what Tania had been feeling the call off. She was in a room with 200 people who thought and felt and expressed themselves as she did. Working with angels became part of it. She started to work with crystals.

Outside of Glastonbury, the rest of the world hadn’t quite caught themselves up. She did a 2 year training as a crystal trainer, then did therapies and sold jewellery. She built connections and got deeper into therapy training and read books such as those from Doreen Virtue…

Doreen Virtue –

Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy, Tania Angelis, The Next 100 Days, angels

Tania contacted her own angels

She started to converse with her own angels. She used them to dig herself out of the mess. After a while she thought she might get them to help her smooth her way.

The angels bring learning to her. They help her clarify her thinking. As humans our mind is incredible. You can use it to build yourself up and knock yourself down.

Her angels help her let go of fears to move forward positively. Few people can see them. Tania is clairaudient. That means she can hear them.

Tania says we are all spiritual beings who are having a human experience. We have amazing emotions inside us, our guidance system. Things that guide you towards and away from people when you meet new people.

Optimism signals you are going in a positive direction. Anger stops you moving forward. It is a guidance system. A gut instinct (hear Duncan Wardle talk about gut instinct too)

Tania says we are all connected. So learn to trust YOUR inner voice. And it is REALLY quiet. Often the loud shouty voices are usually saying we are NOT ____ ENOUGH. We get told in our society to listen to these loud voices. They tell you you are not good enough.

Tania’s clients

Tania tend to work with women. They are more open to using intuition and emotions. Women are much more open to these ideas.

Her business partner is a man though.

She wants to open-minded individuals who are ready to make a change. Women tend to want to give it go.

When people start seeing results, that is when they trust it more. The more you trust in the process, the better your results.

Education tells us everything has to be logical. Justify the choice. Logic.

Behind it there is emotion. How do you feel about the choice. We make a decision and then look for a way to justify. We revere the left die of our brain far more than our right side. That is the side that is creative.

What if?

Her therapy gets people to think about their lives and businesses in a different way.

What if…I tried this and it worked. Usually, what if, is followed by if its all falls apart – negative outcome. Instead, what happens if it does work. What happens if…positive. Your mind then reaches for more of the same. Instead of looking for evidence of you not being able to resolve the problem, you can focus on what happens if it does go well.

Tania says people see certain patterns to help them see evidence of things to WORK. It takes the same level of effort to focus on positive outcomes rather than negative outcomes. Set yourself up to find a solution. NOT How do I do this? BUT What do I do this? This alternative gives your brain the opportunity to solve the problem.

“Tania is a Management Consultant of the Brain”
Graham Arrowsmith


How does Tania work with her clients?

Here is a testimonial for Tania from one of her clients.

Tania Angelis, angels, The Next 100 Days Podcast

People find her on LinkedIn –

You can also find Tania on Facebook –

She loves to help people. Within groups. She reacts to questions and responds. She leaves a little comment, even if she cannot help resolve. Her work is about self empowerment and uplifting people. She has struggled with depression. Even to the point that her angels saved her life, stopping her from take an overdose.

Tania really understands the depths the human soul can end up in.

Therefore 90% of her clients come across her on social media.

She gives people a space in which they can express what they are experiencing. Money problems, business issues or health issues. It is manifesting as I’m not happy with myself.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a tool to help her clients. It is all about tapping. You work on particular acu-pressure points. People tap these points on their bodies.

tania Angelis, Tapping, EFT, The Next 100 Days, Angels

Tania demonstrating EFT


Hands, face and upper body. Literally tapping. It allows you to tap into incidents from your past. They cannot move forward until they deal with that moment. It is a place where her clients are valued.

She never takes notes from her sessions. Clients take ownership of the issues.

Very often there is a big emotional outpouring. Tears. It opens up the energy channels within you. It gives you that space back.

Tania declutters old emotions. Clients feel energised. They often feel to discuss things with loved ones they weren’t able to do so before.

This therapy gives people their lives back.

How does her therapy connect to angels?

They help you pick up on things. Like a gateway. Helping to open your mind to the possibilities that you have overlooked before. Solutions are staring you in plain sight.

Tania tunes into client’s angelic teams. It is a different type of hearing. It happens inside her mind. She filters out her own chattering. They have a different way of talking compared to humans.

She’ll only do a reading for someone when asked.

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